Kaydon Bearings

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Product Number

JA020CP0 JA020XP0 JA025XP0 JA030CP0 JA030XP0 JA035CP0 JA035XP0 JA040CP0 JA042CP0 JA040XP0 JA042XP0 JA045CP0 JA045XP0 JA047CP0 JA047XP0 JA050CP0 JA055CP0 JA050XP0 JA055XP0 JA060CP0 JA060XP0 JA065CP0 JA065XP0 JB020CP0 JB020XP0 JB025CP0 JB025XP0 JB030CP0 JB035CP0 JB035XP0 JB040CP0 JB040XP0 JB042CP0 JB042XP0 JB045CP0 JB045XP0 JB047CP0 JB047XP0 JB050CP0 JB050XP0 JB055CP0 JB055XP0 JB060CP0 JB060XP0 JB065CP0 JB065XP0 JU040XP0 JU042XP0 JU045CP0 JU045XP0 JU047CP0 JU047XP0 JU050CP0 JU050XP0 JU055CP0 JU055XP0 JU060CP0 JU060XP0 JU065CP0 JU065XP0 JU070CP0 JU070XP0 JU075CP0 JU075XP0 JU080CP0 JU080XP0 JU090CP0 JU090XP0 JU100CP0 JU100XP0 JU110CP0 JU110XP0 JU120XP0 KAA10AG0 KAA10CL0 KAA10XL0 KAA15AG0 KAA15CL0 KAA15XL0 KAA17AG0 KAA17CL0 KAA17XL0 KA020AR0 KA020CP0 KA020XP0 KA025AR0 KA025CP0 KA025XP0 KA030AR0 KA030CP0 KA030XP0 KA035AR0 KA035CP0 KA035XP0 KA040AR0 KA040CP0 KA042AR0 KA042CP0 KA042XP0 KA045AR0 KA045CP0 KA045XP0 KA047AR0 KA047CP0 KA047XP0 KA050AR0 KA050CP0 KA050XP0 KA055AR0 KA055CP0 KA055XP0 KA060AR0 KA060CP0 KA060XP0 KA065AR0 KA065CP0 KA065XP0 KA070AR0 KA070CP0 KA070XP0 KA075AR0 KA075CP0 KA075XP0 KA080AR0 KA080CP0 KA080XP0 KA090AR0 KA090CP0 KA090XP0 KA100AR0 KA100CP0 KA100XP0 KA110AR0 KA110CP0 KA110XP0 KA120AR0 KA120CP0 KA120XP0 KB020AR0 KB020CP0 KB025AR0 KB025CP0 KB025XP0 KB030AR0 KB030CP0 KB030XP0 KB035AR0 KB035XP0 KB040AR0 KB040CP0 KB040XP0 KB042AR0 KB042CP0 KB042XP0 KB045AR0 KB045CP0 KB045XP0 KB047AR0 KB047CP0 KB047XP0 KB050AR0 KB050CP0 KB050XP0 KB055AR0 KB055CP0 KB055XP0 KB060AR0 KB060CP0 KB060XP0 KB065AR0 KB065CP0 KB065XP0 KB070AR0 KB070CP0 KB070XP0 KB075AR0 KB075CP0 KB075XP0 KB080AR0 KB080CP0 KB080XP0 KB090AR0 KB090CP0 KB090XP0 KB100AR0 KB100CP0 KB100XP0 KB110CP0 KB110XP0 KB120AR0 KB120CP0 KB120XP0 KB140AR0 KB140CP0 KB140XP0 KB160AR0 KB160CP0 KB160XP0 KB180AR0 KB180CP0 KB180XP0 KB200AR0 KB200CP0 KB200XP0 KC040AR0 KC040CP0 KC040XP0 KC042AR0 KC042CP0 KC042XP0 KC045AR0 KC045CP0 KC045XP0 KC047AR0 KC047CP0 KC047XP0 KC050AR0 KC050CP0 KC050XP0 KC055AR0 KC055CP0 KC055XP0 KC060AR0 KC060CP0 KC060XP0 KC065AR0 KC065CP0 KC065XP0 KC070AR0 KC070CP0 KC070XP0 KC075AR0 KC075CP0 KC075XP0 KC080AR0 KC080CP0 KC080XP0 KC090AR0 KC090CP0 KC090XP0 KC100AR0 KC100CP0 KC100XP0 KC110AR0 KC110CP0 KC110XP0 KC120AR0 KC120CP0 KC120XP0 KC140AR0 KC140CP0 KC140XP0 KC160AR0 KC160CP0 KC160XP0 KC180AR0 KC180CP0 KC200AR0 KC200CP0 KC200XP0 KC250AR0 KC250CP0 KC250XP0 KC300AR0 KC300CP0 KC300XP0 KD040AR0 KD040CP0 KD040XP0 KD042AR0 KD042CP0 KD042XP0 KD045AR0 KD045CP0 KD045XP0 KD047AR0 KD047CP0 KD047XP0 KD050AR0 KD050CP0 KD050XP0 KD055AR0 KD055CP0 KD055XP0 KD060AR0 KD060CP0 KD060XP0 KD065AR0 KD065CP0 KD065XP0 KD070AR0 KD070CP0 KD070XP0 KD075AR0 KD075CP0 KD075XP0 KD080AR0 KD080CP0 KD080XP0 KD090AR0 KD090CP0 KD090XP0 KD100AR0 KD100CP0 KD100XP0 KD110AR0 KD110CP0 KD110XP0 KD120AR0 KD120CP0 KD120XP0 KD140AR0 KD140CP0 KD140XP0 KD160AR0 KD160CP0 KD160XP0 KD180AR0 KD180CP0 KD180XP0 KD200AR0 KD200CP0 KD200XP0 KD250AR0 KD250CP0 KD250XP0 KD300AR0 KD300CP0 KD300XP0 KF040AR0 KF040CP0 KF042AR0 KF042CP0 KF045AR0 KF045CP0 KF047AR0 KF047CP0 KF050AR0 KF050CP0 KF055AR0 KF055CP0 KF060AR0 KF060CP0 KF065AR0 KF065CP0 KF070AR0 KF070CP0 KF075AR0 KF075CP0 KF080AR0 KF080CP0 KF090AR0 KF090CP0 KF100AR0 KF100CP0 KF110AR0 KF110CP0 KF120AR0 KF120CP0 KF140AR0 KF140CP0 KF160AR0 KF160CP0 KF180AR0 KF180CP0 KF200AR0 KF200CP0 KF250AR0 KF250CP0 KF300AR0 KF300CP0 KF350AR0 KF350CP0 KF350XP0 KG040AR0 KG040CP0 KG040XP0 KG042AR0 KG042CP0 KG042XP0 KG045AR0 KG045CP0 KG045XP0 KG047AR0 KG047CP0 KG047XP0 KG050AR0 KG050CP0 KG050XP0 KG055AR0 KG055CP0 KG055XP0 KG060AR0 KG060CP0 KG060XP0 KG065AR0 KG065CP0 KG065XP0 KG070AR0 KG070CP0 KG070XP0 KG075AR0 KG075CP0 KG075XP0 KG080AR0 KG080CP0 KG080XP0 KG090AR0 KG090CP0 KG090XP0 KG100AR0 KG100CP0 KG100XP0 KG110AR0 KG110CP0 KG120AR0 KG110XP0 KG120CP0 KG120XP0 KG140AR0 KG140CP0 KG140XP0 KG160AR0 KG160CP0 KG160XP0 KG180AR0 KG180CP0 KG180XP0 KG200AR0 KG200CP0 KG200XP0 KG250AR0 KG250CP0 KG250XP0 KG300AR0 KG300CP0 KG300XP0 KG350AR0 KG350CP0 KG350XP0 KB020XP0 JU042CP0 JU040CP0 KB110AR0 KB035CP0 KC180XP0 JA025CP0 JU120CP0 KF080XP0 KF090XP0 KF100XP0 KF110XP0 KF120XP0 KF140XP0 KF160XP0 KF180XP0 KF200XP0 KF250XP0 KF300XP0 KF040XP0 KF042XP0 KF045XP0 KF047XP0 KF050XP0 KF055XP0 KF060XP0 KF065XP0 KF075XP0 KD210AR0 KF400AR0 KG220AR0 KG400AR0 KD210CP0 KF400CP0 KG220CP0 KG400CP0 KD210XP0 KF400XP0 KG220XP0 KG400XP0 JHA10CL0 JHA10XL0 JHA15CL0 JHA17CL0 JA075CP0 JA070CP0 JHA15XL0 JHA17XL0 JA075XP0 JA070XP0 JU085CP0 JG070CP0 JG140XP0 JG120XP0 JG110XP0 JG100XP0 JG090XP0 JG075CP0 JG080XP0 JG075XP0 JG070XP0 JG080CP0 JG090CP0 JG100CP0 JG110CP0 JG120CP0 JG140CP0 JG160CP0 JG160XP0 JG180CP0 JG200CP0 JG180XP0 JG220CP0 JG200XP0 JG220XP0 JG250XP0 JG300XP0 JG350XP0 JG400XP0 JG250CP0 JG300CP0 JG350CP0 JG400CP0 JU085XP0 NC040AR0 NC040CP0 NC040XP0 NAA10AG0 NAA10CL0 NAA10XL0 NC042AR0 NC045AR0 NC047AR0 NC050AR0 NC055AR0 NC060AR0 NC065AR0 NC070AR0 NC075AR0 NC080AR0 NC090AR0 NC100AR0 NC110AR0 NC120AR0 NAA15AG0 NC140AR0 NAA17AG0 NC160AR0 NC180AR0 NC200AR0 NC250AR0 NC300AR0 NA055AR0 NA050AR0 NA047AR0 NA045AR0 NA042AR0 NA040AR0 NA035AR0 NA030AR0 NA025AR0 NA020AR0 ND040AR0 ND042AR0 ND045AR0 ND047AR0 ND050AR0 ND055AR0 ND060AR0 ND065AR0 ND070AR0 ND075AR0 ND080AR0 ND090AR0 ND100AR0 ND110AR0 ND120AR0 ND140AR0 ND160AR0 ND180AR0 ND200AR0 NA120AR0 NA110AR0 NA100AR0 NA090AR0 NA080AR0 NA075AR0 NA070AR0 ND210AR0 NA065AR0 NA060AR0 ND250AR0 ND300AR0 NF040AR0 NF042AR0 NF045AR0 NF047AR0 NB020AR0 NB025AR0 NF050AR0 NB030AR0 NB035AR0 NF055AR0 NB040AR0 NB042AR0 NB045AR0 NF060AR0 NB047AR0 NB050AR0 NB055AR0 NB060AR0 NB065AR0 NF065AR0 NF070AR0 NF075AR0 NF080AR0 NF090AR0 NF100AR0 NF110AR0 NF120AR0 NF140AR0 NF160AR0 NF180AR0 NF200AR0 NB200AR0 NB180AR0 NB160AR0 NB140AR0 NB120AR0 NB110AR0 NF250AR0 NF300AR0 NF350AR0 NF400AR0 NB100AR0 NB090AR0 NB080AR0 NB075AR0 NB070AR0 NC042CP0 NC045CP0 NC047CP0 NC050CP0 NC055CP0 NC060CP0 NC065CP0 NC070CP0 NC075CP0 NC080CP0 NC090CP0 NC100CP0 NC110CP0 NC120CP0 NC140CP0 NC160CP0 NC180CP0 NC200CP0 NC250CP0 NC300CP0 ND040CP0 ND042CP0 ND045CP0 ND047CP0 ND050CP0 ND055CP0 ND060CP0 ND065CP0 ND070CP0 ND075CP0 ND080CP0 ND090CP0 ND100CP0 ND110CP0 ND120CP0 ND140CP0 ND160CP0 ND180CP0 ND200CP0 ND210CP0 ND250CP0 ND300CP0 NF040CP0 NF042CP0 NF045CP0 NF047CP0 NF050CP0 NF055CP0 NF060CP0 NF065CP0 NF070CP0 NF075CP0 NF080CP0 NF090CP0 NF100CP0 NF110CP0 NF120CP0 NF140CP0 NF160CP0 NF180CP0 NAA15CL0 NF200CP0 NF250CP0 NAA17CL0 NF300CP0 NF350CP0 NF400CP0 NC042XP0 NA055CP0 NA050CP0 NA047CP0 NA045CP0 NA042CP0 NA040CP0 NA035CP0 NA030CP0 NA025CP0 NA020CP0 NC045XP0 NC047XP0 NC050XP0 NC055XP0 NC060XP0 NC065XP0 NC070XP0 NC075XP0 NC080XP0 NC090XP0 NC100XP0 NC110XP0 NC120XP0 NC140XP0 NC160XP0 NC180XP0 NC200XP0 NC250XP0 NC300XP0 NA120CP0 NA110CP0 NA100CP0 NA090CP0 NA080CP0 NA075CP0 NA070CP0 ND040XP0 NA065CP0 NA060CP0 ND042XP0 ND045XP0 ND047XP0 ND050XP0 ND055XP0 ND060XP0 ND065XP0 ND070XP0 ND075XP0 ND080XP0 ND090XP0 ND100XP0 ND110XP0 ND120XP0 ND140XP0 ND160XP0 NB020CP0 NB025CP0 ND180XP0 NB030CP0 NB035CP0 ND200XP0 NB040CP0 NB042CP0 NB045CP0 NB047CP0 NB050CP0 NB055CP0 NB060CP0 NB065CP0 ND210XP0 ND250XP0 ND300XP0 NB200CP0 NB180CP0 NF040XP0 NB160CP0 NB140CP0 NB120CP0 NB110CP0 NB100CP0 NB090CP0 NF042XP0 NB080CP0 NB075CP0 NB070CP0 NF045XP0 NAA17XL0 NAA15XL0 NF047XP0 NF050XP0 NF055XP0 NF060XP0 NF065XP0 NF070XP0 NA020XP0 NA025XP0 NA030XP0 NA035XP0 NA040XP0 NA042XP0 NA045XP0 NA047XP0 NA050XP0 NA055XP0 NF075XP0 NF080XP0 NF090XP0 NF100XP0 NF110XP0 NF120XP0 NF140XP0 NF160XP0 NF180XP0 NF200XP0 NF250XP0 NF300XP0 NF350XP0 NF400XP0 NG040AR0 NG042AR0 NG045AR0 NG047AR0 NG050AR0 NG055AR0 NG060AR0 NG065AR0 NG070AR0 NG075AR0 NG080AR0 NG090AR0 NG100AR0 NG110AR0 NG120AR0 NG140AR0 NG160AR0 NG180AR0 NG200AR0 NG220AR0 NG250AR0 NG300AR0 NG350AR0 NG400AR0 NG040CP0 NG042CP0 NG045CP0 NG047CP0 NG050CP0 NG055CP0 NG060CP0 NG065CP0 NG070CP0 NG075CP0 NG080CP0 NG090CP0 NG100CP0 NG110CP0 NG120CP0 NG140CP0 NA070XP0 NA065XP0 NA060XP0 NA075XP0 NA080XP0 NA090XP0 NA100XP0 NA110XP0 NA120XP0 NG160CP0 NG180CP0 NG200CP0 NG220CP0 NG250CP0 NG300CP0 NG350CP0 NG400CP0 NB065XP0 NB060XP0 NB055XP0 NB050XP0 NB047XP0 NB045XP0 NB042XP0 NB040XP0 NB035XP0 NB030XP0 NB025XP0 NB020XP0 NB070XP0 NB075XP0 NB080XP0 NB090XP0 NB100XP0 NB110XP0 NB120XP0 NB140XP0 NB160XP0 NB180XP0 NB200XP0 NG040XP0 NG042XP0 NG045XP0 NG047XP0 NG050XP0 NG055XP0 NG060XP0 NG065XP0 NG070XP0 NG075XP0 NG080XP0 NG090XP0 NG100XP0 NG110XP0 NG120XP0 NG140XP0 NG160XP0 NG180XP0 NG200XP0 NG220XP0 NG250XP0 NG300XP0 NG350XP0 NG400XP0 SAA10AG0 SAA10CL0 SAA10XL0 SC040AR0 SC040CP0 SC040XP0 SAA17AG0 SAA15AG0 SC042AR0 SC045AR0 SC047AR0 SC050AR0 SC055AR0 SC060AR0 SC065AR0 SC070AR0 SC075AR0 SC080AR0 SC090AR0 SC100AR0 SC110AR0 SC120AR0 SC140AR0 SC160AR0 SC180AR0 SC200AR0 SC250AR0 SD040AR0 SD042AR0 SD045AR0 SD047AR0 SD050AR0 SD055AR0 SD060AR0 SD065AR0 SD070AR0 SD075AR0 SD080AR0 SD090AR0 SD100AR0 SD110AR0 SD120AR0 SD140AR0 SD160AR0 SD180AR0 SD200AR0 SD210AR0 SD250AR0 SF040AR0 SF042AR0 SF045AR0 SF047AR0 SF050AR0 SF055AR0 SF060AR0 SF065AR0 SF070AR0 SF075AR0 SF080AR0 SF090AR0 SF100AR0 SF110AR0 SF120AR0 SF140AR0 SF160AR0 SF180AR0 SF200AR0 SF250AR0 SC042CP0 SC045CP0 SC047CP0 SC050CP0 SC055CP0 SC060CP0 SC065CP0 SC070CP0 SC075CP0 SC080CP0 SC090CP0 SC100CP0 SC110CP0 SC120CP0 SC140CP0 SC160CP0 SC180CP0 SC200CP0 SC250CP0 SD040CP0 SD042CP0 SD045CP0 SD047CP0 SD050CP0 SD055CP0 SD060CP0 SD065CP0 SD070CP0 SD075CP0 SD080CP0 SD090CP0 SD100CP0 SD110CP0 SD120CP0 SD140CP0 SD160CP0 SD180CP0 SD200CP0 SD210CP0 SD250CP0 SF040CP0 SF042CP0 SF045CP0 SF047CP0 SF050CP0 SF055CP0 SF060CP0 SF065CP0 SF070CP0 SF075CP0 SF080CP0 SF090CP0 SF100CP0 SF110CP0 SF120CP0 SF140CP0 SF160CP0 SF180CP0 SF200CP0 SF250CP0 SC042XP0 SC045XP0 SC047XP0 SC050XP0 SC055XP0 SC060XP0 SC065XP0 SC070XP0 SC075XP0 SC080XP0 SC090XP0 SC100XP0 SC110XP0 SC120XP0 SC140XP0 SC160XP0 SC180XP0 SC200XP0 SC250XP0 SD040XP0 SD042XP0 SD045XP0 SD047XP0 SD055XP0 SD060XP0 SD065XP0 SD070XP0 SD075XP0 SD080XP0 SD090XP0 SD100XP0 SD110XP0 SD120XP0 SD140XP0 SD160XP0 SD180XP0 SD200XP0 SD210XP0 SD250XP0 SF040XP0 SF042XP0 SF045XP0 SF047XP0 SF050XP0 SF055XP0 SF060XP0 SF065XP0 SF070XP0 SF075XP0 SF080XP0 SF090XP0 SA060AR0 SA055AR0 SF100XP0 SA050AR0 SA047AR0 SA045AR0 SA042AR0 SA040AR0 SA035AR0 SA030AR0 SA025AR0 SF110XP0 SA020AR0 SF120XP0 SF140XP0 SF160XP0 SF180XP0 SF200XP0 SF250XP0 SG040AR0 SG042AR0 SG045AR0 SG047AR0 SG050AR0 SG055AR0 SA065AR0 SG060AR0 SA070AR0 SA075AR0 SA080AR0 SA090AR0 SA100AR0 SG065AR0 SA110AR0 SA120AR0 SG070AR0 SG075AR0 SG080AR0 SG090AR0 SG100AR0 SG110AR0 SG120AR0 SG140AR0 SG160AR0 SG180AR0 SG200AR0 SG220AR0 SG250AR0 SG040CP0 SB065AR0 SB060AR0 SB055AR0 SG042CP0 SB050AR0 SB047AR0 SB045AR0 SB042AR0 SB040AR0 SB035AR0 SB030AR0 SB025AR0 SB020AR0 SG045CP0 SG047CP0 SG050CP0 SG055CP0 SG060CP0 SG065CP0 SG070CP0 SG075CP0 SG080CP0 SG090CP0 SG100CP0 SG110CP0 SG120CP0 SG140CP0 SG160CP0 SG180CP0 SB070AR0 SB075AR0 SB080AR0 SB090AR0 SB100AR0 SB110AR0 SB120AR0 SB140AR0 SB160AR0 SG200CP0 SB180AR0 SB200AR0 SG220CP0 SG250CP0 SAA17CL0 SAA15CL0 SA055CP0 SA050CP0 SA047CP0 SA045CP0 SA042CP0 SA040CP0 SA035CP0 SA030CP0 SA025CP0 SA020CP0 SA060CP0 SA065CP0 SA070CP0 SA075CP0 SA080CP0 SA090CP0 SA100CP0 SA110CP0 SA120CP0 SB070CP0 SB065CP0 SB060CP0 SB055CP0 SB050CP0 SB047CP0 SB045CP0 SB042CP0 SB040CP0 SB035CP0 SB030CP0 SB025CP0 SB020CP0 SB075CP0 SB080CP0 SB090CP0 SB100CP0 SB110CP0 SB120CP0 SB140CP0 SB160CP0 SB180CP0 SB200CP0 SD050XP0 SA020XP0 SA025XP0 SA027XP0 SA030XP0 SA035XP0 SA040XP0 SA042XP0 SA045XP0 SA047XP0 SA050XP0 SA055XP0 SA060XP0 SA065XP0 SA070XP0 SA075XP0 SA080XP0 SA090XP0 SA100XP0 SA110XP0 SA120XP0 SB065XP0 SB060XP0 SB055XP0 SB050XP0 SB047XP0 SB045XP0 SB042XP0 SB040XP0 SB035XP0 SB030XP0 SB025XP0 SB020XP0 SB070XP0 SB075XP0 SB080XP0 SB090XP0 SB100XP0 SB110XP0 SB120XP0 SB140XP0 SB160XP0 SB180XP0 SB200XP0 SG090XP0 SG080XP0 SG075XP0 SG070XP0 SG065XP0 SG060XP0 SG055XP0 SG050XP0 SG047XP0 SG045XP0 SG042XP0 SG040XP0 SG250XP0 SG220XP0 SG200XP0 SG180XP0 SG160XP0 SG140XP0 SG120XP0 SG110XP0 SG100XP0 K02513AR0 K05013AR0 K06013AR0 K07013AR0 K08013AR0 K09013AR0 K10013AR0 K11013AR0 K12013AR0 K13013AR0 K14013AR0 K15013AR0 K16013AR0 K17013AR0 K18013AR0 K19013AR0 K20013AR0 K25013AR0 K30013AR0 K32013AR0 K34013AR0 K36013AR0 K02520AR0 K05020AR0 K06020AR0 K07020AR0 K08020AR0 K09020AR0 K10020AR0 K11020AR0 K12020AR0 K13020AR0 K14020AR0 K15020AR0 K16020AR0 K17020AR0 K18020AR0 K19020AR0 K20020AR0 K25020AR0 K30020AR0 K32020AR0 K34020AR0 K36020AR0 K02513CP0 K05013CP0 K06013CP0 K07013CP0 K08013CP0 K09013CP0 K10013CP0 K11013CP0 K12013CP0 K13013CP0 K14013CP0 K15013CP0 K16013CP0 K17013CP0 K18013CP0 K19013CP0 K20013CP0 K25013CP0 K30013CP0 K32013CP0 K34013CP0 K36013CP0 K02520CP0 K05020CP0 K06020CP0 K07020CP0 K08020CP0 K09020CP0 K10020CP0 K11020CP0 K12020CP0 K13020CP0 K14020CP0 K15020CP0 K16020CP0 K17020CP0 K18020CP0 K19020CP0 K20020CP0 K30020CP0 K32020CP0 K34020CP0 K36020CP0 K02513XP0 K05013XP0 K06013XP0 K07013XP0 K08013XP0 K09013XP0 K10013XP0 K11013XP0 K12013XP0 K13013XP0 K14013XP0 K15013XP0 K16013XP0 K17013XP0 K18013XP0 K19013XP0 K20013XP0 K25013XP0 K30013XP0 K32013XP0 K34013XP0 K36013XP0 K02520XP0 K05020XP0 K06020XP0 K07020XP0 K08020XP0 K09020XP0 K10020XP0 K11020XP0 K12020XP0 K13020XP0 K14020XP0 K15020XP0 K16020XP0 K17020XP0 K18020XP0 K19020XP0 K20020XP0 K02508AR0 K05008AR0 K25020XP0 K06008AR0 K07008AR0 K08008AR0 K09008AR0 K10008AR0 K30020XP0 K11008AR0 K12008AR0 K13008AR0 K14008AR0 K15008AR0 K32020XP0 K34020XP0 K36020XP0 K16008AR0 K17008AR0 K18008AR0 K19008AR0 K20008AR0 K25008AR0 K30008AR0 K32008AR0 K34008AR0 K36008AR0 K25020CP0 J17008CP0 J16008CP0 J15008CP0 J14008CP0 J13008CP0 J12008CP0 J11008CP0 J10008CP0 J09008CP0 J08008CP0 J07008CP0 J06008CP0 J05008CP0 J02508CP0 J07008CP0 K02508XP0 K05008XP0 K06008XP0 K07008XP0 K08008XP0 K09008XP0 K10008XP0 K11008XP0 K12008XP0 K13008XP0 K14008XP0 K15008xp0 S03503AS0 S06003AS0 S07003AS0 S07403AS0 S08003AS0 S09003AS0 S10003AS0 S11003AS0 K36008XP0 K34008XP0 K32008XP0 K30008XP0 S12003AS0 K25008XP0 K20008XP0 K19008XP0 K18008XP0 K17008XP0 K16008XP0 S13003AS0 S14003AS0 S15003AS0 S16003AS0 S17003AS0 S03503CS0 S06003CS0 S07003CS0 S07403CS0 S08003CS0 S09003CS0 S10003CS0 S11003CS0 S12003CS0 S13003CS0 S14003CS0 J17008XP0 J16008XP0 J15008XP0 J14008XP0 S15003CS0 J13008XP0 J12008XP0 S16003CS0 J11008XP0 J10008XP0 J09008XP0 J08008XP0 S17003CS0 J07008XP0 J06008XP0 J05008XP0 J02508XP0 S03503XS0 S06003XS0 S07003XS0 S07403XS0 S08003XS0 S09003XS0 S10003XS0 S11003XS0 S12003XS0 S13003XS0 S14003XS0 S15003XS0 S16003XS0 S17003XS0 K02508CP0 K05008CP0 K06008CP0 K07008CP0 K08008CP0 K09008CP0 K10008CP0 K11008CP0 K12008CP0 K13008CP0 K14008CP0 K15008CP0 K16008CP0 K17008CP0 K18008CP0 K19008CP0 K20008CP0 K25008CP0 K30008CP0 K32008CP0 K34008CP0 K36008CP0 KF070XP0 SAA15XL0 SAA17XL0 SC300XP0 SC300AR0 SC300CP0 SG300CP0 SG350CP0 SG400CP0 SG300AR0 SG350AR0 SG400AR0 SG300XP0 SG350XP0 SG400XP0 SF300AR0 SF350AR0 SF400AR0 SF300CP0 SF350CP0 SF400CP0 SF300XP0 SF350XP0 SF400XP0 SD300XP0 SD300CP0 SD300AR0 KA027XP0 KA040XP0 RK6-16P1Z HS6-16P1Z RK6-22P1Z RK6-25P1Z RK6-29P1Z RK6-33P1Z HS6-21P1Z RK6-43P1Z RK6-37P1Z RK6-16N1Z HS6-37P1Z HS6-43P1Z HS6-16N1Z RK6-22N1Z HS6-25P1Z HS6-29P1Z HS6-33P1Z RK6-25N1Z HS6-43N1Z HS6-37N1Z HS6-33N1Z RK6-29N1Z HS6-21N1Z RK6-33N1Z HS6-25N1Z RK6-37N1Z RK6-43N1Z HS6-29N1Z HS6-33N1Z HS6-16E1Z HS6-21E1Z RK6-16E1Z HS6-25E1Z RK6-22E1Z HS6-29E1Z HS6-33E1Z RK6-25E1Z HS6-37E1Z RK6-33E1Z RK6-29E1Z RK6-37E1Z RK6-43E1Z HS6-43E1Z MTO-050 MTO-050T MTO-065 HT10-30P1Z MTO-065T HT10-36P1Z MTO-122 MTO-122T HT10-42P1Z HT10-48P1Z HT10-54P1Z HT10-60P1Z HT10-30N1Z MTO-143 MTO-143T MTO-145 MTO-145T MTO-145X MTO-170 MTO-210 MTO-210T MTO-170T MTO-265 MTO-265T MTO-265X MTO-265XT MTO-145XT HT10-36N1Z MTO-210X HT10-42N1Z MTO-210XT MTO-324T HT10-48N1Z HT10-54N1Z HT10-60N1Z HT10-30E1Z HT10-36E1Z MTO-324X MTO-415 MTO-415T HT10-42E1Z HT10-48E1Z HT10-54E1Z HT10-60E1Z MTO-540 MTO-540T MTO-590 MTO-590T MTO-705 MTO-705T MTO-730 MTO-730T MTO-870 MTO-870T MTO-470 MTO-470T MTE-145 MTE-145T MTE-145X MTE-210 MTE-210T MTE-210X MTE-265 MTE-265T MTE-265X MTE-324T MTE-324X MTE-415 MTE-415T MTE-470 MTE-470T MTE-540 MTE-540T MTE-590 MTE-590T MTE-705 MTE-705T MTE-730 MTE-730T MTE-870 MTE-870T KH-125P 16289001 KH-166P KH-225P JB030XP0 KH-275P KH-325P KH-125E KH-166E 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Kaydon is a great company, however Lily Bearings does not sell Kaydon original products. We produce a full range of thin section and slewing bearings and Cooper split roller bearings.

Kaydon is the industry leader, while lily bearing's thin section bearings are the perfect replacement with much cheaper prices.

In 1941, Kaydon was founded by Frauentha, named after his children Kay and Don, mainly produce 7.5 to 10 foot large precision bearings for naval gun mounts. At that time, the US Navy needed extremely accurate and thin turret steering bearings. According to saying, A. Harold Frauenthal perhaps the only person in the country who have the experience and ability to overcome this job.

Today, Kaydon Bearing is a bearing manufacturer based on Michigan. At the same time, it operates 12 manufacturing plants in seven states and also has plants in Mexico, the United Kingdom and China.

Kaydon’s solutions could meet the most stringent requirement for a wide range of applications in the aerospace & defense, commercial aerospace, heavy equipment, industrial machinery, medical systems, mining, oil & gas, radar,renewable energy,robotics & semiconductor manufacturing markets.

Kaydon produces its bearings in the worldwide twelve ISO 9001:2008 registered facilities,is committed to meeting the high quality requirements of the industry and its service market production.

Kaydon is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of the precision thin section ball bearings.

Kaydon uses the engineering experience and expertise of Thinfinite® to solve the world’s most unique bearing challenges.The Reali-Slim® inch Standard Bearings of Kaydon are one of the most widely used thin section bearings in the world. Kaydon’s Thinfinite® bearing solutions could reduce weight, create space, reduce friction, increase design flexibility, and provide outstanding running accuracy.

Kaydon’s thin section bearing product line includes Reali-Slim® & Ultra-Slim®; Real-SlimTT® turntables, cross rollers,four-point contact, and tapered roller bearings designs. Kaydon bearings offer the widest range of materials in the industry, separator options, cross-sections, internal assembly options, lubricants, corrosion resistance options, contact angles and accuracy ratings.

Kaydon is also an industry leader in the design and manufacture of precision slewing bearings. Slewing bearing include four-point contact, eight-point contact, cross-roller, three-row roller and coil configuration. The Kaydon Slewinfinite® slewing bearing solution is ideal for : optimum economics for a given envelope size, heavy duty applications requiring high load capacity, precise positioning critical design and unique requirements for wind turbines.

Kaydon’s slewing bearings offer the Slewinfinite® solution, is appropriated for the most demanding specification in any application. A variety of product lines are available, including RK Series, HS Series, HT Series, MT Series, KH Series, XT Series, DT Series, XR Series, TR Series, WireX® Coil Bearings and Wind Energy Slewing Bearings.

Silverthin Bearing is a domestic manufacturer of thin section bearings providing slim cross section ball bearings and slewing rings for robotics, aerospace, distribution, and industrial markets.


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