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Miniature Thrust Ball Bearings

Dynaroll has long been a leader in the precision bearings industry. Dynaroll produce and supply more than 2 million bearings annually.

Dynaroll has facilities located in Sylmar, CA, and Wuxi, China. Facilities located in Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia manufacture our miniature precision bearings.

Dynaroll was founded in 1988. Since then, it has become a leading producer of precision bearings. They provide supplies to precision demanding industries such as:

Computer peripheral
Where Miniature Precision Bearings Work Best
Nearly every product that has moving parts contains a ball bearing.

Precision and high-performance industries require superior bearing performance.

Providien’s bearings are best employed in applications that demand:

High Accuracy
System Rigidity
Low noise, heat, and vibration
Our strengths are in precision tolerances, quality materials, proprietary designs, and the highest industry reliability.

Dynaroll is a great company, however Lily Bearings do not sell Dynaroll original products. We produce a full range of precision miniature bearings and thin section bearings.

Dynaroll is the industry leader, while lily bearing's miniature bearings are the perfect replacement with much cheaper prices.