Zirconia Ceramic Bearings

ZrO2 Zirconia Bearings have the strongest toughness and strength which is non-toxic. Low cost as well. ZrO2 main application is in medicine mold, also apply for petroleum valve ball. ZrO2 is the best material for structural components which is easy to machining and is the most precision.


1) Chemical resistant. Can work in various chemicals.

2) No need lubrication, clean, and can wash in the water.

3) Non-magnetic and insulation. Reliable working.

4) Constant working in high temperature till 400 Centigrade .

5) Light weight.

6) Outstanding long time working in low temperature till -80 centigrade.

7) Tolerance is as per normal bearings. Easy for assembly.

Zirconia Bearing Application is as under:

Electro plating, electro polishing ,Food processing, vacuum applications.Fiber processing, conveyor processing. Medical radiation, photo processing,Computer assembly, electronics applications, Medicine equipment, wet applications.


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