Full Ceramic Bearings

Full Ceramic Bearings is lighter, smoother, stiffer, harder, corrosion resistant, and electrically resistant. These fundamental characteristics allow for a wide range of performance enhancements in bearings. Ceramic Balls are particularly well suited for use in extremely harsh environments where high temperatures or corrosive and erosive substances are present.

Ceramic Material

Full Ceramic Bearing Application is as under:
Aviation, navigation, petroleum, chemical industry, electro plating, metallurgy, medical radiation electronics application, medicine equipment, different equipment and instrument, toys and extreme vacuum wet applications and so on. It is a kind of new technology material.

The application introduction of full ceramic bearings:

1. High-speed miniature full ceramic bearings, which has good capability of cold-resisting, small transmutation under force, high resistance of pressure, bad heat-conduct, small weight, small friction modulus.
2. High temperature thin section ceramic bearing: the material temperature application from 100 centigrade to 1300 centigrade and won’t be inflation cause of difference in temperature, they can be used in hermetic separator, smelt copper equipment, plastic-production equipment and so on.
3. Corrosion resistance ceramic bearing: material itself has good attribution of resisting corrosion can be used in strong acid, strong alkali, inorganic salt, organic salt, sea water area and so on. For instance in galvanizing equipment, electronic equipment, chemical industry, ships making, medical equipment and so on.
4, Non-magnetic ceramic bearing: because of non-magnetic, no dust would be attracted; therefore it will reduce the flaking of bearing surface in advance and improve the problem of noise. Therefore it can apply in demagnetization equipment and precision instruments.
5. Electric insulation ceramic bearing: cause of high electricity resistance, electricity arc damage can be avoided, therefore to different electric equipment which requires electric insulation would be a best choice.
6. Vacuum ceramic bearing: this kind of ceramic material has special attribution of lubrication without oil, so it can overcome the lubricate problem which other general bearing can not overcome under ultra-high vacuum.
Our company can supply you the above six kinds of ceramic bearings and for each of those bearings it can be apply in high temperature, high speed, strong acid, strong alkali, magnetic, electronic insulation and ultra-high vacuum, but different material have different attribution, when you choose the bearings you need, please tell us what kind of condition they would be used for, so as to enable us to recommend you the best suitable and longevity ceramic bearings for you.


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