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Ceramic Parts

Ceramic Fixed Base

Ceramic Silicon Carbide U Groove Roller

Ceramic Flange Sleeve

Ceramic Silicon Nitride Base

Ceramic Zirconia Bushes And Protection Sleeves

Ceramic Silicon Nitride Lever Connecting Rod

Ceramic Silicon Nitride Outer Ring With V-groove Pulley

Ceramic Stir Bar

Ceramic Silicon Nitride Screws, Nuts, Bolts

Ceramic Zirconia Bushes And Sleeves

Ceramic Silicon Nitride Steam Nozzle

Ceramic Zirconia Sheets & Blocks

Ceramic Zirconia Ring

Ceramic Silicon Nitride With Flanged Shaft

Ceramic Zirconia Rods

Ceramic Sleeve

Ceramic Zirconia Wheel

Ceramic Zirconia Nozzle

Custom Ceramic Parts

Here at LILY CERAMIC almost everything we manufacture is to the customer’s specifications. Lead times for custom parts vary from part to part. Typically an as pressed part that requires new tooling will have a delivery time around 2-5 weeks.

Due to our machining and manufacturing capabilities, LILY CERAMIC is able to offer a wide variety of advanced structure ceramic produce by materials such as Silicon nitride (Si3N4), Zirconia (ZRO2), Alumina (Al2O3) and Silicon carbide (SIC).

From prototype to production with technical ceramic machining and grinding, we render the highest quality precision ceramic machined products while maintaining a schedule to deliver orders in record time.  As a technical ceramic manufacturer via CAD/CAM, engineering, design, assistance and comprehensive documentation. LILY Ceramic Abrasive Machining is your complete solution for technical ceramic manufacturer of complex precision shapes, rods, tubes, micro or miniature.


  1. Ceramic Surface Grinding
  2. Diamond Ceramic Grinding
  3. Creep-feed – Ceramic Surface Jig grinding of all phases
  4. Inner and outer ceramic diameter drilling
  5. Flatness & parallelism to within .00005″
  6. Surfaces finishes as fine as 2 micro-inch


  1. Precision Ceramic Flat Lapping
  2. Double & Single Side Lapping


  1. Internal and external ceramic threading
  2. Hole diameters as small as .006″


  1. Alumina Pressed / Extruded Parts
  2. Ceramic Spacers, Ceramic Balls, Ceramic Bushings


  1. All Technical Ceramic Materials


  1. high-temperature resistance with strength and ductility
  2. Increased Toughness

Technical Advanced Ceramic Manufacturer

LILY Ceraimc Abrasive Machining is total quality Ceramic manufacturer, machining to meet customer requirements for advanced high-tech technical industrial ceramics. We take your ceramic product dreams from prototype to turnkey applications.

Our solutions achieve accurate analysis of conceptual design, engineering & technical assistance, emergency servicing and quotes typically within 24 hours to complete satisfaction of your ceramic component performance.

Precision Ceramic Manufacturer Since 2000. Industrial applications include: aerospace, aircraft, semi-conductor, defense microwave, automotive, medical, nuclear, wear components

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