Turbocharger Bearings

Ceramic Turbocharger Ball Bearings are of the angular contact type. Typically, these bearings utilise ceramic balls, cages, anti-rotation devices, an outer ring, a compressor inner ring, a turbine inner ring and a series of oil flow control jets or squeeze film dampers. These types of bearings rotate up to six times faster than any other vehicle bearing. In hot shutdown conditions, these bearings can also reach temperatures of up to 400 degrees Centigrade. The bearing is designed to be cooled by the lubricating oil flow and the bearing materials must resist extreme conditions at all times over the complete life of the turbocharger.

Product Benefits

The turbocharger bearing has to operate at speeds of up to 150,000 rpm

Using this high-performance cartridge bearing will improve the response of turbochargers.

This makes it possible to further expand the use of turbochargers, thereby it will improve the fuel economy of automobiles.

Heat-resistant Steel
for Bearing Rings
Optimal Design Ball diameter,number of balls
1. Superior heat resistance in high temperatures
2. Superior seizure toughness&Superior wear toughness
3.Long life even in debris-contaminated conditions

1. Optimized internal design for a balance of low torque and long life
2. Dynamic friction analysis for high-speed conditions
3. Use of a cartridge besring

Ceramic Balls
The High-Performance
Cartridge Bearing for
Turbocharger Use
Heat-resistant Resin Cage Polyimide Resin/L-PPS Resin
1. Lighter and less heat generated for superior high-speed performance
2. Superior seizure and wear toughness
3. Very hard,for superior dent toughness
4.Long life even in debris-contaminated conditions
1. Superior heat resistance
2. Lower weight for lower torque
3. Thermoplastic resin for injection moldability for lower costs

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