The wheel bearings of modern, high-performance race cars are normally paired axially-preloaded hybrid angular contact ball bearings with integrated seals. The main requirements are maximum stiffness for a reduced and uniform brake and tyre wear, low weight to reduce the unsprung masses, minimum friction and maximum reliability.

Lily hybrid wheel bearings offer optimum performance through an individual bearing design and ideal combination of materials. The best results are achieved by using silicon nitride and chrome steels as rolling contact partners, whereas modern, high-performance plastics are ideal materials for the cages and seals.

Designs with a high contact angle and tight raceway curvatures are nowadays dominating, since they achieve very precise and extremely stiff brake disc and tyre guidance for the most demanding load case, which is fast cornering. At the same time, an increase in the axial bearing load capacity and widening of the virtual bearing distance allows a smaller bearing size to be used for maximum weight saving.

Many teams from the Formula 1, World Rally Car, Formula 3, LeMans 24h, ALMS, DTM and NASCAR have recognised these advantages and thus use CEROBEAR hybrid wheel bearings with great success.

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