Household Applications

201462222483261955Lily ceramic bearings and components are to be found in a wide range of domestic products, from central heating and air conditioning systems, to gas and electrical appliances, and kitchen equipment.

Our exceptionally wide range of advanced ceramic materials offers superior dimensional stability, strength, stiffness and chemical resistance, ideal for use in high performance components such as seals, shafts, bearings and custom components.

For example, we make millions of ceramic shafts and bearings every year for an internationally renowned domestic pump manufacturer who relies on the wear-resistance of our ceramics for the durability and quiet operation of its products.

With our world-class design expertise and specialist manufacturing capabilities, we work in partnership with our customers to develop innovative, durable, competitive bespoke solutions to meet their needs. We produce ceramic bearings, components and sub-assemblies within tight specifications, in quantities from one-offs to high quality, cost-effective volume production.

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