High Temperature Ceramic Bearings

High-temperature applications demand bearings that can withstand extreme heat without sacrificing performance, durability or reliability.At Lily bearings, we carry inch and metric size high-temperature bearings that maintain exceptional performance at temperatures to 2372 F (degrees fahrenheit) = 1300 C (degrees Celsius).

Our high-temperature bearings are manufactured from heat-stabilized stainless steels and ceramic materials. We also improve the high-temperature performance of our bearings through features such as:

Perfluorinated polyether (PFPE) and other high-temperature lubricants

“Loose” internal clearances to accommodate larger coefficients of expansion

Part Number Silicon Nitride Ball Bearings Zirconia Ball Bearings Silicon Carbide Ball Bearings Ceramic Hybrid Bearings
Lubrication No Lubrication is required No Lubrication is required No Lubrication is required Less Lubrication is required
Corrosion Corrosion Resistant Corrosion Resistant Corrosion Resistant Corrosion Resistant
90 80 70 60
Bearings Type
Applications (HighTemp)

Annealing Furnaces
Ash Precipitator
Car Bottom Ovens
Carpet Drying Ovens
Continuous Brazing Oven
Continuous Ceiling Tile Dryers
Continuous Food Baking Ovens
Continuous Gypsum Board Dryers
Continuous Welding Guides
Glass Lehrs
Heat Treating Furnaces
High Temperature Ball Valve Stem Bearings
High Temperature Butterfly Valve Stem Bearings
High Temperature Butterfly, Flapper & Ball Valves
High Temperature Conveyors
High Temperature Dampers
High Temperature Screw Conveyors & Stokers
Oven Doors & Louvers
Paint Drying Ovens
Plywood Dryers
Rubber Curing Ovens
Steel Cooling Beds
Turbine Safety Bearings
Veneer Dryers

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