Corrosion Resistance

20146222210082083Ceramics are more resistant to corrosion than most metals and alloys. Ceramics are highly resistant to chemical corrosion due to their high levels of chemical stability. Corrosion resistant ceramics possess low chemical solubility and therefore have particularly high resistance to chemical corrosion. It is their superior levels of corrosion-resistance that give ceramics the advantage over metallic materials in harsh environments.

In many applications and environments, corrosion-resistant products are a necessity. Harsh chemicals are often used in manufacturing, and even water is corrosive to many. Corrosion resistant ceramics benefit an assembly in terms of effectiveness and productivity and also reduce the need for replacement parts, making them a cost-effective option.

These properties enable our corrosion resistant products to function far better than other materials in corrosive environments.
There are countless applications for corrosion resistant ceramics in a wide variety of industrial and commercial settings where the superior corrosion- and wear-resistance of corrosion resistant products are required.

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