Ceramic Bearing Applications


Lily Ceramics provides precision-engineered materials, bearings, components and assemblies for a wide range of automotive applications from mechanical components to piezo ceramic sensors, for applications from Formula One to volume car production and specialist vehicle build.

Corrosion Resistance
Ceramics are more resistant to corrosion than most metals and alloys. Ceramics are highly resistant to chemical corrosion due to their high levels of chemical stability.

Ceramic substrates, circuit carriers, core materials and many other components are in use throughout the electronics industry. For example, ceramic heat-sinks provide the right climate for high-power electronics.

Food Grade
Increasing environmental awareness in society demands sustainable and responsible actions particularly from the food and beverage industries.

High Speed Bearings
High speed bearings are designed to deliver the high accuracy, high rotational speed, and high rigidity needed for demanding applications.

High Temperature Ceramic Bearings
High-temperature applications demand bearings that can withstand extreme heat without

Household Applications
Lily ceramic bearings and components are to be found in a wide range of domestic products, from central heating and air conditioning systems, to gas and electrical appliances, and kitchen equipment.

Non Magnetic
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI, also known as nuclear spin tomography) creates high- resolution pictures of the human body and has become an indispensable component in clinical diagnosis and research.

The wheel bearings of modern, high-performance race cars are normally paired axially-preloaded hybrid angular contact ball bearings with integrated seals.

Thanks to ceramic material have the unique character of self-lubricating without oil, ceramic bearing can overcome lube difficult problem in super high vacuum, which common bearing can never achieve.

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