Alumina Ceramic Bearings

201532410202418662Alumina Ceramic are the most widely used ceramics because they offer superior wear and corrosion resistance. Additionally, the raw materials are plentiful, so the powders are low-cost. Compared to other ceramics, aluminum oxide is the lowest cost with one of the highest hardness properties. Aluminum is gas-tight with no open porosity. It is diamond ground to achieve polished surface finishes.

Common applications include:

1.       gas laser tubes
2.       wear pads
3.       seal rings
4.       high temperature electrical insulators
5.       high voltage insulators
6.       furnace liner tubes
7.       thread and wire guides
8.       electronic substrates
9.       ballistic armor
10.   abrasion resistant tube and elbow liners
11.   thermometry sensors
12.   laboratory instrument tubes and sample holders
13.   instrumentation parts for thermal property test machine
14.   grinding media

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