Ceramic Zirconia Bushes And Protection Sleeves

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Material Zirconium Oxide (ZRO2)
Color White
Size 25x47x22mm
Accuracy 0.008mm
Maximum Temperature 400℃(752F)
Circular Runout 12um
Perpendicularity 12um
Circularity 10um
Parallelism 12um
Applications Chemicals, aerospace, medicine, environmental protection equipment, electronics industry. Medical industry connection sleeve, anti-corrosion, insulation, medical grade contact with medicine
RoHS Compliant
Ingredients Y2O3 5.21%
FeO3 <0.001%
Na2O <0.001%
SiO2 <0.001%
TiO2 <0.001%
ZrO2 >94%
Density(g/cm3) ≥6.0
Hardness(Kg/mm2) 1100~1300
Bending strength(Mpa) >950
Fracture toughness(Mpa.m-3/2) 8.0~10.0
Elastic Modulus(Gpa) 210

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