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Zxy Bearings Appear In Equip Auto Paris

Release time : 2015-06-11 09:07:50
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>ZXY Bearings Appear in Equip Auto Paris ?2004-2012 From Oct. 12th to 19th, four people from Xiangyang Automobile Ball Bearings Co., Ltd have participated in the 2009 Equip Auto Paris held in France, under the leading of Mr. Gao Shaobing, the president of the board of directors. The expo is held biennially, which is the most influential technology and service expo in auto industry in the world. It is the first time for the company to take part in this expo. During the six-day expo, Mr. Gaoshaobing, the president of Xiangyang Automobile Miniature Bearings Co., Ltd has communicated and discussed with more than 100 companies from Europe, North American, South American, Asia, and Africa, in which 5 companies have established elementary cooperation with the company and planed to visit the company in the end of the year and in the early period of next year.