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Zwz Has Developed More Than 800 New Products This Year

Release time : 2015-06-11 09:25:54
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>ZWZ Has Developed More Than 800 New Products This Year ?2004-2012 This year confronting the impact of global financial crisis, ZWZ Group has developed a set of high end Needle Roller Bearings products with international competition, continuously adjusted the product structure, completely achieved the product upgrade, initially grasped the market and will continue to lead the development trade of China bearing industry. It is learned that ZWZ Group has developed more than 800 new products this year, in which 70% above are used to replace the imported products; many products have filled the gap in the domestic market and have propelled the progress of more than 30 design technology, manufacturing technology and detecting technology. The orders of the high precision products such as important equipment Stainless Steel Bearings and wind power bearings, etc. have come in a continuous stream. The benefit of ZWZ group has increased athwart. Even though it is cold winter the industrial zone of ZWZ high precision technology and manufacturing are still in full swing. A set of high end products which will be used for the national key projects and the localization of important equipments were produced successfully. The high precision products are continuously delivered to the users. Since this year, ZWZ Group continuously established and consummated the testing platform and technological research of large size precision Water Pump Bearings, wind power bearings and high precision machinery bearings, etc., which speeded up the construction of the national large size bearing engineering technology research center, established solid base for develop the localized bearings for important equipments and the high end products with international competition.