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Zap Is Ready To Operate In The European Market Of Engine Building

Release time : 2015-06-11 10:03:05
Samara Aviation Deep Groove Ball Bearings Plant JSC conducted a training seminar on the adaptation of ZAP production process to the requirements of European engine-builders within the framework of cooperation between Samara Plant and SAFRAN Group, France. The seminar was conducted by Mr. Jean-Louis Bladou, Snecma quality management specialist (Snecma is a member of SAFRAN Group). Top executives and specialists of ZAP Quality Management Service, Production Control Office, Special Engineering Bureau, Chief Metallurgist Department and heads of several workshops also participated in the seminar. Mr. Bladou made an extended presentation on Snecma requirements both to the entire quality management system and individual processing procedures. As it turned out, Snecma requirements coincided with those of the domestic practice of Flanged Ball Bearings production in a number of aspects. However, there are some differences in the approaches to special processes, marking and packaging of products. The seminar participants agreed that the training highlighted important aspects essential for the Plant management to adapt the manufacturing process to the production of bearings for consumers. This is important for ZAP since it plans to supply Miniature Thrust Bearings for SaM146 engines, the production of which is being mastered by Snecma and Russian NPO Saturn. Sukhoi SuperJet aircraft 100 will be equipped with such engines. To follow up this training seminar, quality management officers of ZAP JSC will take part in the training course organized for Russian partners of SAFRAN to be held in Moscow Office of Snecma in October.