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Zap Is Mastering New Bearing Research Technique

Release time : 2015-06-11 10:04:09
ZAP Special Engineering Bureau (SEB) is mastering a crucially new Stainless Steel Bearings research technique an acoustic emission technique. For this purpose SPC DYNAMIKA LLC has developed and created the KOMPAKS-RPP-AE system based on a technical assignment of Special Design Bureau. The acoustic emission technique is a crucially new research technique for the Water Pump Bearings industry. It is used for detecting defects in products at the moment of their origination; it makes it possible to further improve the quality and durability of bearings. The technique is based on the phenomenon of energy emission at the moment of the fracture formation in the bearing metal crystal lattice when defects appear. As a result, the bearing starts emitting sound at certain frequencies, and it is recorded by means of special sensors and analyzed by computer. So, the technique enables detecting defects at the moment of their origination. The KOMPAKS system is unique it does not have analogs in Russia or abroad. It enables conducting vibration acoustic and acoustic emission bench tests of Needle Ball Bearings. Additionally, KOMPAKS can be used for studying vibrations of component parts within the range up to 160 kilohertz (known foreign similar techniques use the range before 100 kilohertz); it enables conducting more complete and comprehensive studies of bearing properties. Besides, KOMPAKS sensors (both vibroacoustic and acoustic emission sensors) may be installed in the equipment of SEB Vibroacoustic Laboratory and Test Center, where bearings are tested dynamically and statically. Such joint use of two equipment types makes it possible to study component parts during their full operation cycle (from the very beginning up to the destruction) and find new methods of enhancing their life time.