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Zap Has Implemented Computer Aided Monitoring Of Bearing Tests

Release time : 2015-06-11 10:05:43
ZAP Special Engineering Bureau (SEB) has developed unique equipment a system of computer-aided monitoring of Skateboard Bearings tests. According to Mikhail Kondratiev, Head of SEB construction division, the station is designated for testing roller Ceramic Bearings and ball bearings - both newly-developed and series-produced bearings. The new equipment has automated the work of the operators who monitor testing of component parts. Now operators are capable of monitoring parameter dynamics comprehensively and flexibly. In case of detecting defects, they are able to shut down the equipment. All information collected in the course of tests is integrated and analyzed. It is used to determine what problems may arise while using Needle roller Bearings and how to avoid them as well as how to extend the operating term of component parts. At present, the laboratories of Special Engineering Bureau continue improving the experimental equipment. SEB team has focused on the development of a test stand for high speed bearings, as well as on the modernization of the equipment designated for analyzing vibroacoustic characteristics of the component parts manufactured by ZAP. Additionally, software programs have been developed to process experimental results.