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Yantai Custom Destroyed 20000 Sets Of Infringing Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-11 10:16:23
At 10p.m. on Jan. 19th, in the charge can workshop of Yantai Jincheng Precision Wire Rod Co., Ltd., Yantai Custom has destroyed the 20,000 sets of ball bearings seized in 2009, which infringed the independent intellectual property right of FK brand. At 1 a.m. the next day, the infringing bearings were completed melted after 3 hours at the high temperature of 3000, which is the largest case which infringed the domestic independent intellectual property right in the administration area of Yantai Custom. The related principle of the trademark owner---Fujian Nanan Bearing Co., Ltd said, Compared with the real brand products, the counterfeit products have large illegal profit range, which made a few of people to take the risk. Generally speaking, the price of the counterfeit bearings is 20%-30% of the price of the real brand products. While, the counterfeit needle roller bearings are often manufactured by the small illegal workshop and are manufactured in a rough way. The infringing bearings become another field in the intellectual property right protection of the Custom after that in the fields of costumes and commodities, etc, introduced by Wang Limei, the Deputy Department Chief, who is responsible for the work of intellectual property right protection of the Custom. In 2009, the case of infringing bearings greatly increased in the custom in Shandong. Totally 15 cases were seized and 270,000 sets of bearings were involved in. The number of the case and miniature bearing all exceed the total of the passed three years. The involved brands have increased from two each year to 10, including some famous foreign brands like KG, NACHI, FAG, SKF, NSK and some domestic brands like TAM and FK, etc.