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Xiangfan Bearing Industry Association Established

Release time : 2015-06-11 10:52:43
On Nov. 9th, Xiangfan Bearing Industry Association was established. Mr. Wang Quanqing, the General Secretary of CBIA, Wan Taoyuan, Yang Xuchun, and Wang Binbin, the leaders of Xiangfan Government, has unveiled the nameplate. The advantage of China auto High Speed Bearings is in Hubei while advantage of Hubei auto bearings is in Xiangfan. At present, the production scope of bearings and the related components industry is about 2 billion RMB with more than 30 bearings enterprises and almost 10,000 bearing practitioners, in which 12 enterprises have large scope. It formed bearing manufacturing base with certain scope based on the backbone enterprises like Xiangyang Automobile Bearing Company Co., Ltd, Hubei New Torch Science & Technology Co., Ltd, Xiangfan Xinxinglian Machinery Co., Ltd, and Xiangyang Yinpai Ronghua Bearing Co., Ltd, etc. and had the relatively complete industrial chain with the products exported to many countries and regions. Xiangfan Miniature Bearings Industry Association relies on Xiangyang Automobile Bearing Company; it mainly develops the hi-tech bearing products for the key mainframes, achieves the transformation from increasing the scope to the quality efficiency, and constructs the Xiangfan bearing industry into a featured industry which can boost the economic development. The association will energetically aim at the global bearing development trend; develop the trade and investment promotion, speed up the capital operation, expand the joint venture and cooperation, achieve the steady and fast development of the enterprises, and build up a RC Bearings industry in Xiangfan of 10 billion RMB.