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Xccbhi Welcomed Business Visitors From Foreign Countries

Release time : 2015-06-11 10:55:41
Recently, Xiangshui Chamber of Commerce for stainless steel Bearing Housing Industry (XCCBHI) warmly welcomed the business visitors from foreign countries as the United States, Germany, etc. This visit was reported to be lasting for one week. This chamber of commerce has accumulatively received more than 30 foreign visitors from over 10 countries and areas in the world since the beginning of this year. "LD", "LWD", "SL" and "JZ" brand bearing housings produced by Members of the chamber of commerce Jiangsu Longda Company, Xiangshui Jiuzhou Power Transmission Co., Ltd, Xiangshui Guanlong high speed Bearing Housing Manufacturing Co., Ltd and Xiangshui Huanyu Bearing Housing Co., Ltd have successfully entered European and American markets. With the annual production value of almost RMB 400 million, the ceramic bearing housing manufacturers in Xiangshui County have increased to nearly 30 from a few in the previous years. The products are exported to more than 60 foreign countries and areas with the export sales of over 20 million US dollars.