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Xcc Awarded With China Well Known Trademark

Release time : 2015-06-11 10:56:40
After serious examine and approve by the National Trademark Review and Adjudication Board, the Resisted Trademark XCC of Zhejiang Continents & Xinchun Group was awarded Well-Known Brand in China of 2009 by the SAIC. This was the first Well-Known award honored to a High Speed Bearings industry enterprise in Shaoxing region. This honor not only represents the pride of Zhajiang Continents & XinChun group, but also the glory of the Shaoxing bearing industry. After receiving this honor, enthusiasm and joy spread into entire organization. It not only represents the comprehensive competitiveness of our organization, but also reflects the value of every individual employee. In addition, this honor will promote XCC as an organization and expand market shares, also protect intellectual property. Since Zhejiang Continents & Xinchun Group first established, they have always been focus on brand innovation, persisted brand strategy, with an all-out effort to build the quality of the brand XCC, implement the business strategy based on quality brand. On one hand, set up brand management system and product quality management system, established Endlessly improve on quality of products and services. To win market by quality; Supply products that exceeds customers expectation. To fully satisfy customers as its motto, implement ISO9000 management system and core beliefs in to every aspects of the organization; On the other hand, enhance XCC publicity as a brand, a trust worthy brand domestically and abroad. In the year of 2008, XCC have achieved sales of RMB 1.056 billions, 22% increase compare to previous year; 75.65 millions USD exports managed by its own factories, 40% increase compare to previous year. The industry position continue to rise, ranking the eighth overall in terms of sales in China Needle Roller Bearings industry and the third in terms of exports managed by own factories. The organization development strategy and overall capability advanced, from the follower to one leader in Chinese bearing industry. In order to provide customers with high-performance, high tech and more value-added products, Zhejiang Continents & Xinchun group constant improving its technical platform and innovation, have established provincial level technical centre, overseas research & development institute; enhance the cooperation between organizations and universities and the capability of self-innovation; We are strategic partners with Zhejiang University, the University of Science and Technology of Beijing and Wuhan University of Technology. With the famous, loyal and brand favorite of XCC allows Zhejiang Continents & Xinchun group to have a solid relationship with SKF, Schaeffler, TIMKEN, NSK, NTN, etc. world famous Stainless Steel Bearings manufactures and establish a integrate sales network around the world. XCC main products have a high market shares on the global scale. Looking forward to the future, with the core of bearing industry, keep on improving value chain; Realization of global operation; Based on capital platform, become one of the leaders in the bearing industry. They will, as always continue to redouble their efforts to provide high quality products and services to the old and new customers.