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Win Win Cooperation Between Shenyang Machine Tool Group And Siemens

Release time : 2015-06-11 11:05:02
On Mar. 28th, Shenyang Machine Tool Group has signed strategic cooperation frame agreement with Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. The two parties will work together to develop the NC system for Needle Roller Bearings which meet the requirement of customers better. The cooperation enables Shenyang Machine Tool Group to achieve the improvement of speed and precision of the NC products within a large range and further improve the added value and quality of the products. In a long term, most of the advanced NC system of Stainless Steel Bearings in China depended on the import. During the cooperation of more than 20 years, Shenyang Machine Tool Group has been the key customer of the NC system product of Germany Siemens Company. The strategic cooperation agreement signed this time will deepen the cooperation between Shenyang Machine Tool Group and Siemens Company on the aspect of NC system application and achieve the new and larger breakthrough in China advanced NC system. In order to become the first machine tool of Water Pump Bearings manufacturer in the world in 2015, Shenyang Machine Tool Group has to completely improve the product quality in the following years. The deep cooperation with Siemens Company was also the fixed target of Shenyang Machine Tool Group. The Company will make use of the international technological resource, speed up the adjustment of product structure and impel the strategic transformation. This year, the Company will achieve the goal that 70% products will adopt NC system and the product quality will be great improved. In the following three years, all the tradition machine tools will be washed out.