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Who Knows How To Clean Skateboard Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-10 12:11:27
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>Who knows how to clean skateboard bearings? ?2004-2012 First of all, I want to tell everybody cleaning skateboard bearings is a very important thing. Please don't ignore it. Most skateboarders don't clean their 608 Skateboard Bearings as often as they should because they don't find it too important, but it is important. Next, let me introduce the different proven effective ways of cleaning skateboard bearings. The key of cleaning skateboard bearings is Setup and Tools-Bearing lubricating oil, isopropyl alcohol, gloves, cleaning, solution, butter knife, paper towels or rag etc. Most of them can be found at your local hardware store. The first way of cleaning skateboard bearings Remove the shields from each of your bearing, be careful not to bend the shield. The shield is on the outer part of the bearings and serves the purpose of preventing dirty from entering the bearings. It is best to use a sharp thin tool like a razor blade to remove the shield - be sure not to damage the bearings when removing the shield. Your shields of 608 Deep Groove Ball Bearings should be off now, so you can begin to clean your bearings with the paint thinner or kerosene at this time. What I like to do is get a paper clip and make it into a long curved loop so I can place my bearings onto the paper clip one by one. When all my bearings are on the paper clip, I place the bearings into a cup, or any kind of container, filled with kerosene of paint thinner. Let the bearings sit in there for a couple hours and swish them around every so often to loosen up any dirt that has built up on your bearings. Next, take your bearings out and rinse them with isopropyl alcohol. When you have finished rinsing them off, dry them very quickly with a paper towel or a can of compressed air. Make sure you dry them completely because failure in doing so can result in rusted bearings. Finally, apply some lube to each of your bearings and spin them a few times. Place the bearings back in your wheels, and you are ready to roll. The second way of cleaning skateboard bearings Once you have removed your bearings from the inside of your wheels, you will want to wipe them clean from dirt, grease, etc. Never add lubricant to your bearings if they are still dirty. You can choose to remove the shields from your bearings for a more thorough clean. If you choose to remove your shields, you can clean them with soap and water. It is important to remember that this is the only time you should use soap and water. Once you have cleaned your shields dry them off. Dirty bearings can dramatically slow down your skateboard and make it harder to get around from place to place. Cleaning skateboard bearings are crucial if you are a speed demon who likes to get the most out your skateboard. No matter bearing is expensive or cheap. No matter it is Full Ceramic Bearings or normal Ball Miniature Bearings. Pls keeping your 608 Skateboard Bearings clean, helps them last longer and plays in effect with your safety.