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Do You Know Howa Giant Wheel Bearingis Produced?

Release time : 2017-12-21 03:11:33
Christmas and New Year's Day is coming. Shopping malls and playground is always the most popular place, in the playground, Ferris wheel can be described as a well-deserved star project, as a professional production of bearing companies, from Ferris wheel to see the appearance of its "heart" - bearing, bearing performance affect the Ferris wheel can run properly. So what is the use of the bearings on the Ferris wheel, bearing the technical parameters of what is special, today and we discuss with the force. We first talk about the general structure of the Ferris wheel, the traditional Ferris wheel has a mechanical processing of the rotary shaft, bearings are using traditional rolling bearings, this design and manufacturing technology experience is already mature. Nothing is the bearing directly installed in the rotary shaft, the rotary shaft and bearings are mechanical parts, between them with the mechanical parts between the cooperation, bearing strength, accuracy and other requirements can be easily guaranteed. However, in the large-scale large-scale Ferris wheel or some other special circumstances, the Ferris wheel is required to be erected on the steel structure beam, and its bearings are mechanical components and steel components of the combination, in the design, manufacture, installation, Maintenance and other aspects are with the traditional bearing a huge difference. The difference is first reflected in the accuracy of the bearing on the adjustment. In the process of ground adjustment to consider the accuracy of high-altitude installation, and the traditional bearing is difficult to meet the requirements of precision adjustment; followed by the design of the bearing process, the bearing diameter is larger, heavier weight, which is designed and manufactured In the use of maintenance, the design life of the wheel is generally more than 30 years, if the Ferris wheel failure, must be dealt with in a short time, so the bearing directly affects the useful life of the Ferris wheel and Safety.