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Whats The Application Of Fishing Reel Ball Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-10 11:55:35
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>What's the application of fishing reel ball bearings? ?2004-2012 What's the application of fishing reel ball bearings? It is used to fishing reel, we can know from the name. It is one of kind bearing of Deep Groove Ball Bearings. What's the fishing reel? Fishing reel is an important part of the fishing rod. Fishing as a kind of entertainment, release the mood pattern of activity, loved by the people. Of course it also offers a vast market for gear products. China's fishing reel, from production low-standard fishing reel products, and to research and development of high-grade fishing reel products; Now our line wheel is sold in France, Italy, Germany, Norway, Australia, Japan, southeast Asia, more than 10 countries and regions. To expand production scale, strengthen the competitive power for markets, as well as to the domestic and international market demand forecast analysis, now most fishing gear production enterprise intentionally to take the opportunity to expand the scale. So what makes your fishing reel go round? The answer is fishing reel ball bearings that I have mentioned before. It is main parts of fishing reel, located in spindle handle and main gear stem. It makes the line evenly around the roll line slot. It has overcome the driving resistance function and ensure take-up hindered, make fishing reel smooth smooth rotation, overcome when driving a mechanical friction noise. There are many fishermen think more fishing reel ball bearings mean higher quality, and others think fishing reel is good or bad depends on the fishing reel ball bearings number, It is not correct, if you judge only from the number of bearing. A fishing reel need only four bearings. Bearing's quantity will not affect quality. So please don't blind pursuit of fishing reel with more bearings. While fishing fishing line contact with water, especially in the sea, it is easy to rust, once bearing rust will image to fishing reel of normal use and overall performance. Fishing line is easy to rust when it is in contact with water, especially in the sea. Once the bearing rust will image to fishing reel of normal use and overall performance. So it's important that choose good material. Generally,factory will choose Stainless Steel Bearings or Full Ceramic Bearings when they production. Less expensive, low end reels may have bearings made of chrome plated steel, chrome steel or other inferior materials. The function and durability of these bearings falls far short of "precision" stainless steel or ceramic ball bearings. Here is two kinds of bearing characteristic Fishing Reel Bearings- Stainless Steel Bearings Dominant ball bearing found in today's fishing reels. Relatively inexpensive to produce. Surface wear is not uncommon even when lubricated. Shorter life span than ceramic balls. Required heat treatment to strengthen the steel unfortunately weakens their resistance to corrosion. Especially important in saltwater environments. Fishing Reel Bearings - Ceramic Expensive to produce. Can be solid or a coating on stainless steel balls. If solid ceramic they're lighter than stainless steel by as much as 60%. This means lighter weight reels since the balls make up 50-75% of a bearings weight. The wear rate of ceramic ball bearings is significantly less than stainless steel especially when lubricated. This feature contributes to a life expectancy as much as five times that of stainless. More corrosion resistant than stainless steel. Generate less destructive heat. An extremely smooth surface and uniform size is attainable which contributes to much less friction and slip.Lower levels of vibration and higher speeds than with stainless. If you are a fishing enthusiasts, then I suggest you only need to pay attention to choose the material of fishing reel ball bearings. Because of good material will improve the service life of fishing rod. Please don't forget that.