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Whats Bearing Is The Choice Of Turbocharger Journal Bearing Vs Ball Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-10 12:34:52
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>What's bearing is the choice of turbocharger? journal bearing vs ball bearing ?2004-2012 I think a lot of people know that the turbocharger. It is a kind of air compressor, can increase engine power, improve the engine emissions, reduce the fuel consumption and so on. So the general automobile engine mounted on the turbocharger, it can make the car break out into greater power. But very few people know the key parts of the turbocharger is bearing. Bearing damage will directly lead to turbocharger failure. So what's bearing is the choice of turbocharger? journal bearing vs ball bearing as follow. Journal bearing vs ball bearing-first step: Brief introduction both of them. The journal bearing has long been the brawn of the turbocharger, however a ball bearing cartridge is now an affordable technology advancement that provides significant performance improvements to the turbocharger. Ball bearing innovation began as a result to work with the Garrett Motor Sports group of several racing series where it received the term the 'cartridge ball bearing'. The cartridge is a single sleeve system that contains a set of angular contact ball bearings on either end, whereas the traditional bearing system contained a set of journal bearings and a thrust bearing. journal bearing vs ball bearing-second step: Advantages Turbo Response: When driving a vehicle with the cartridge ball bearing turbocharger, you will find exceptionally crisp and strong throttle response. Deep Groove Ball Bearings turbochargers spool up 15% faster than traditional journal bearings. This produces an improved response that can be converted to quicker 0-60 mph speed. In fact, some professional drivers using Garrett ball bearing turbocharged systems claim that they feel like they are driving a big, normally aspirated engine. Reduced Oil Flow: Ball Miniature Bearings design reduces the required amount of oil to provide adequate lubrication. This lower oil volume reduces the chance for seal leakage. Also, the ball bearing is more tolerant of marginal lube conditions, and diminishes the possibility of turbocharger failure on engine shut down. Improved Rotor Dynamics and Durability: The ball bearing cartridge gives better damping and control over shaft motion, allowing enhanced reliability of both everyday and extreme conditions. In addition, the opposed angular contact bearing cartridge eliminates the need for the thrust bearing, commonly a weak link in the turbo bearing system. Additional Ball Bearing Options: Another option one will find is a Full Ceramic Bearings. This consists of replacing only the compressor side journal bearing with a single angular contact ball bearing. Since the single ball bearing can only take the thrust in one direction, a thrust bearing is still necessary and drag in the turbine side journal bearing is unchanged. With the Garrett ball bearing cartridge the rotor-group is entirely supported by the ball bearings, maximizing efficiency, performance, and durability. What's bearings are you using out there across the country and what do you like about your bearings and why?