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Whats Ball Bearing Type Of Ball Bearing Item

Release time : 2015-06-10 12:34:09
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>What's ball bearing? Type of ball bearing item ?2004-2012 As we all know, the ball bearing is a kind of very important mechanical equipment parts. Its main function is to support mechanical rotator, reduce the transmission process of friction. But many people don't know how to distinguish ball bearing item. So the ball bearing item can be divided into what? The first kind of common ball bearing item: Deep groove ball bearing is the most common rolling bearing a type. Deep groove ball bearing type have single row and double rows two. Deep groove ball bearing structure is simple, easy to use, is the production of the most common and most widely used a kind of bearing. Deep groove ball bearings mainly bear radial load, also can also bear radial load and axial load. When the only bear radial load, the contact Angle is zero. When deep groove ball bearing with large radial clearance, the angular contact bearing performance, can bear the larger axial load, deep groove ball bearing friction coefficient is very small, limit speed is also very high. Deep groove ball bearing is the most representative of the rolling bearing, wide range of USES. Suitable for high speed and high speed operation, and very durable, often without maintenance. This kind of bearing friction coefficient is small, the limit speed is high, simple structure, low manufacture cost, easy to achieve higher accuracy of manufacturing. Size range and diverse forms, used in precision instrument, low noise machine, automobile, motorcycle and general machinery, etc. The second kind of common ball bearing item: Ball Miniature Bearings is to point to metric series, outside diameter less than 9 mm; English series, outside diameter less than 9.525 mm of all kinds of ball bearing. The main material is carbon steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, etc. Miniature bearing is applicable to all kinds of industrial equipment, small rotary motor contour speed low noise fields, such as: office equipment, micro motor, instrument, laser engraving, small clock, soft drive, pressure rotor, dental dental drill, hard drive motor, stepping motor, video recorder drum, toys model, computer cooling fan, currency counting machines, fax machines and so on related fields. The third kind of common ball bearing item: Miniature RC Bearings is applied to automobile axle place used to load and the rotation of the wheel hub for provide accurate guiding parts, already carry axial load and bear radial load, the automobile load and rotating important part. Traditional car wheel with bearing is by two sets of tapered roller bearing or ball bearing combination and become, bearing installation, oil, sealing and clearance adjustment are in the car on the production line. This structure makes it in the car factory assembly difficulty, the high cost and poor reliability, furthermore, his car in the maintenance station maintenance, also need to bearing for cleaning, oil and adjustment. Hub bearing in a standard angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearing on the basis of the development of, it will be two sets of bearing as an organic whole, have good performance, assembly can be omitted the clearance adjustment, light weight, compact structure, load capacity big, for seal bearing can be prior loading grease, ellipsis external hub seal and from maintenance etc, and has been widely used in cars, in truck are also gradually expand the trend of application. Above is 3 kinds of ball bearing item's simple introduction.