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What Are Our Advantages Compared To Top 10 Skateboard Bearings In The World

Release time : 2015-06-10 12:28:13
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>What are our advantages compared to top 10 skateboard bearings in the world? ?2004-2012 Comparing to top 10 skateboard bearings in the world, our skateboard bearing not only have competitive price but surly have the high precision and performance. We are specialist we know that don't overpay for your skateboarding bearings, but at the same time, don't cheap out. Skateboarding bearings can be a smart investment. If you buy a really good set of skateboard bearings they can last you years! While sometimes the cheap skateboard bearings will fall apart after a few months. When mentioned top ten skateboard bearings most people would think of Bones Swiss Skateboard Bearings which have the best reputation in the skateboard industry, and have had this honor for the past 28 years because of their performance and quality. Everyone who rides Swiss knows how fast they are, and most also comment on how long they last, typically several times as long as low cost bearings. Actually the top 10 skateboard bearings could be any ten of them, but which ones are best for you? It's obvious that it's impossible to proclaim one type of skateboard bearing as the "best", because they all have their ups and downs, and it just depends on your personal preferences and skill level. It is vital that your skateboard bearings roll at the speed you need to support your skating style. Some people like fast skateboard bearings and other people like 608 Skateboard Bearings slow skateboard bearings, so that they can ease up a bit before a trick. Choose a skateboard bearing that has the best speed for you. From this skateboard market we could see, some famous brand focus on high precision and High Speed Bearings they could offer. In fact, high precision and small tolerances are required for bearings to function at very high RPM (Revolutions per Minute), that must spin at 20,000 to 30,000 RPM. At that speed, an ABEC - 7 or 9 bearing rating may be appropriate. However, a skateboard with 54mm wheels turning 20,000 RPM will be traveling about 127 MPH! Since most skating is done under 30 MPH, the realistic maximum RPM your skate bearings will see is about 4700 RPM and probably 90% of skating occurs under 2000 RPM. So, very high precision is not required at skating speeds. Skateboarders want bearings that are both precise and durable, so the ideal ABEC rating for a skateboard is 3 or 5. Smooth enough, but not going to break when you jump on your board. Some skateboard bearings don't even bother with the ABEC rating system. The best thing to do is try some out, ask your friends, or ask the guy behind the counter at the skate shop. One warning, though: don't rush out and buy the most expensive bearings right away when you do not know what top 10 skateboard bearings in your mind. You'll likely do something without thinking about it and ruin your first set, and there are some good medium-priced bearings out there, As usual, higher performance comes at a higher price; but many skaters will tell you that Full Ceramic Bearings are well worth the premium. Be careful to keep your bearings clean, lubricated and dry, and they'll work better and last much longer.