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Wd Bearing Group Learning And Development Hand In Hand

Release time : 2015-06-11 11:28:39
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>WD Bearing Group: Learning and Development Hand-in-hand ?2004-2012 Training is always regarded as an important sector of company investment, and is also one of the best reward to our staff. At the end of Nov.2008, after analysis of staff's training demand, WD Bearing Group arranged a two-day training course concerning the supplier audit, which is designed by the professional training and consulting company according to their exact operating process. It was a successful traing that achieved the win-win outcome on Ceramic Bearings between the company and the staff. About WD Bearing: Starting from representing predominant bearing manufacturers in China, WD Bearings has set up its own brand WD in the world and taken the mission to change the prejudice on the Chinese bearings. Nowadays, WD Bearings from Stainless Steel Bearings has been developed into a team including separately production base and marketing front: AWD Bearing Corporation (R&D & Production) JIB-WD precision Co., Ltd. (Production) Wuxi WQ Light Bearing Co., Ltd.(Production) Wuxi Wanda Industrial Co., Ltd. (Int'l Trading & service) Wanda (Hong Kong) Int'l Trading Co., Ltd. (Marketing & holding) Wanda Precision Inspection Center (Quality Control)