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Use Integral V Linear Guides To Reduce Design Cost

Release time : 2015-06-11 08:31:06
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>Use Integral-V Linear Guides to Reduce Design Cost ?2004-2012 Integral-V? Technology (IVT) is a next-generation linear guide Ball Bearings product developed by PBC Linear that uses cold rolled steel races directly embedded into an aluminum extrusion to cut out painstaking assembly and alignment - reducing overall costs. Historically, a commonly applied approach to linear guides has been a collection of Miniature Bearings blocks equipped with re-circulating ball bearings running along profiled steel rails that are fastened unto a structure. What advantage does Integral-V? provide to the linear motion designer? It's a shortcut. IVT allows the designer to simplify the assembly - reducing fasteners, mounting components and cost. Integral-V is comprised of a precision machined aluminum structure (using our proprietary SIMO? process) with a hardened steel raceway embedded directly into the structure to form a unified rail component. V-profile cam roller carriages run along the structure consistently and accurately; providing significantly less need for alignment. This process also reduces mounting High Speed Bearings components and fasteners; which further drives down cost and reduces tolerance stack-up. See the cost comparison breakdown in the table below: