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Uk Precision Bearing Maker Records 40 Growth

Release time : 2015-06-11 12:07:05
UK manmufacturer of precision taper roller bearings, Gamet Stainless Steel Bearings, has increased its sales turnover by 40% and its sales to non-600 Group firms by 28%. UK manufacturer of super high precision taper roller bearings, Gamet Bearings, achieved a 40% growth in turnover for the third year in succession Sales to non-600 Group companies rose by by 28%. Gamet owes its order book increase partly to the success of its big Water Pump Bearings (up to 550mm ID and 680mm OD). Also benefitting the company is the buoyant machine tool industry and improved global market penetration. * Super high precision taper rolling bearings - Gamet manufactures super high precision taper rolling Needle Ball Bearings at its Colchester (Essex) factory to a rotational accuracy better than Abec 9/Timken 00. This is the highest quality standard - a radial run-out on the bore within 0.5 micron (QK grade) and axial run-out of 3 micron. The company recently launched its range of large diameter High Speed Bearings: useful to the oil industry as well as to the grinding, turning, printing and steel industries and special purpose machinery. Director/general manager, Gerry Shrimpton, said: "The growth in our business is fundamentally due to the quality of our manufacturing process, which enables us to delivery exceptionally high quality bearings, on schedule, and at a realistic cost, combined with an aggressive marketing policy. We are winning - and retaining - business because we try to be very good indeed what we do". * Machine tools - part of Gamet's current success is that loyal customers, such as 600 Lathes, which manufactures the proven Colchester-Harrison range of Alpha and Tornado lathes. There is also Matrix Machine Tools, which manufactures high quality grinding machines, are enjoying very buoyant markets for their machines so require an increased quantity of Miniature Bearings to fulfil their orders. Gamet is expanding existing markets and opening new ones around the world. The company told manufacturingtalk that it had increased substantially its market share in traditionally strong markets such as Germany, India and Taiwan at the same time as winning significant business in new markets such as China, Italy, Russia and Spain. Shrimpton said that new customers were being won through: "Delivering on our promise. We have a reputation for manufacturing super precision RC Bearings which have absolute geometric accuracy and rigorous dimensional precision and for consistently meeting customers delivery schedules". He continued: "We achieved that reputation, and uphold it, by maintaining an efficient production system and a capable workforce capable of giving absolutely superb customer support and service. New customers respond to the quality and service we provide". Shrimpton concluded: "Combined with our aggressive marketing stance, this is winning us the additional business which results in a 40% increase in turnover."