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Ubc Will Participate In 2009 Beijing International Wind Power Conference

Release time : 2015-06-11 12:15:35
UBC will participate in the20098 Beijing International Wind Power Conference. This conference will gather the elites in the industry and boost the development of wind power industry. Review on the Conference Last Year: On Oct. 29th, 2008, 2008 Beijing International Wind Power Conference & Exhibition was held at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing in the boiling applause. The exhibition area of this conference took up 16,000 square meters. 1,500 representatives from home and abroad and 12,000 visitors have participated in the exhibition, which wins the approval of the wind industry home and abroad and successfully established the base for the committee to develop it into a periodic wind power exhibition in China. This success not only gathered the mainstream enterprise worldwide, but also demonstrated the advanced technical equipments. Meanwhile, the success was also embodied in the group appearance of more than 200 components enterprise. The products exhibited included the whole industrial chain like machinery set, vane, Stainless Steel Bearings, gearbox, wheel hub, tower frame, yaw system, control system, transmission system and monitoring system, etc., which made this platform richer, more convenient and more efficient for both the upstream and downstream of wind power industry. China-Focus of the World Wind Power Industry Abundant wind resource and the support of government make China Wind Power Industry develop rapidly and basically form the industrialized developing scope, and becomes the second largest wind power market in the world after the USA, attracting the international concern. Meanwhile, many difficulties and problems with the development also trouble the wind power practitioners. How to overcome the bottle neck of technology and management? How to give attention to the continuously development while the rapid increase of industry? China needs to communicate with the world. Beijing International Wind Power Conference & Exhibition is dedicated to build the platform for the international communication, to gather the elites in the industry and boost the development of the industry. Layout of UBC on this Exhibition: 1. Topic: Technology Three Directions: (1)Boosting the High Speed Bearings sale is the main direction; (2)Conference and lecture is the assistant direction; (3)Magazine is the promotional direction. 2. Four Modules on the Stand (1)Bearings for wind power; (2)Bearings for gear and electromotor; (3)Bearings for tide/oil field and solar energy; (4)Leading technology and service (improve the efficiency of wind power generator) Booth NO.: 2F02-1 (6m*9m, three sides open) Time: Oct. 21st -23rd, 2009 Venue: China International Exhibition Center (New) Website: http://www.chinawind.org.cn www.chinawind.org.cn