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Ubc To Hold Steel Mill Seminar In Thailand

Release time : 2015-06-11 12:18:51
With the huge business potential for Thailand steel mill industry and the confidence of replicating the success UBC has done with the South American steel mill industry, UBC together with its Thailand distributor F.I.T Co., Ltd. will be jointly holding a Steel Mill Seminar in Bangkok and Salaya, Thailand from April 24-26, 2008. The three-day seminar will largely focus on theoretical and practical application of UBC steel mill Skateboard Bearings, but will also lend the chosen participants greater understanding of UBC production processes. There will also be a general product presentation of the rest of UBC industrial product lines. Most importantly, F.I.T. has strategically secured ISIT (Iron and Steel Institute of Thailand) to collaborate with this seminar, and has purposely endorsed its member companies to attend; there will be an expected 80-100 attendees for the said event. Mr. Rajendra Bane will be the lead speaker of the seminar. He has more than 20 years experience in application engineering of Ceramic Bearings starting from his days in SKF leading up to cooperation with some of the largest bearing manufacturers and distributors at present.