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Ubc Dalian Factory Put Into Operation

Release time : 2015-06-11 12:24:38
UBC Dalian Factory was successfully put into operation after eight-month construction by UBC (China), and started to produce large size high-precision and long-life rolling Water Pump Bearings recently. The product quality was well recognized by many famous multinational corporations, so the supply is inadequate to meet the demand so far. UBC Precision Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of high-grade Ball Bearings parts (green rings) as well as a wide range of ball and roller bearing products. Through technology-sharing and production linkages with the world's leading Miniature Bearings manufacturers, as well as progressive cooperation with partners in the domestic arena, UBC has consistently elevated its manufacturing capability and is now recognized as one of the leading producers of high-grade finished bearings and components.