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Ubc Changshu Industrial Park Project Launched

Release time : 2015-06-11 12:25:59
On December 30, 2009, Changshu City hosted a launching ceremony for the project of Innovative and Upgrading Development. The UBC Changshu Industrial Park Project, as one of the key high-tech projects Stainless steel bearings in the city, participated the ceremony where deputy secretary of provincial party committee, Wang Guosheng; member of standing committee of CPC in Jiangshu Province and secretary of Suzhu municipal party committee, Jiang Hongkun; assistant governor, Xu Nanping; deputy secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of Suzhu City, YAN Li; member of standing committee of CPC in Shuzhu City and deputy mayor, Zhou Weiqiang and other important municipal leaders like Wang Xiang, Ge Binggen and Zhang Yongquan had attended the event. UBC general manager Mr. Bai Hua, on behalf of its company, launched the project of develop high speed bearings together with senior government officials. The first phase of UBC Changshu Industrial Park Project is invested with US$ 20 million. With formalities like industrial & commercial registration and land use approval completed, the project of ceramic bearings is expected to be under construction in 2010