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Ubc Benefits A Lot In China Wind Power 2009 Picture

Release time : 2015-06-11 12:26:49
On Oct. 23rd, 2009, the three-day fair in wind power industry ---China Wind Power 2009 successfully lowered the curtain. UBC has participated in the fair as exhibitor and brought world leading UBC-APB water pump bearing brand manufactured in Europe to China, making effort to build up World Brand, Europe ManufactureUBC-APB wind power bearings. During the three days, UBC has successfully promoted the brand, and on the stand spot of UBC, the products of ceramic bearings even attracted more customers and appraise. UBC will continue to go further step by step based on this good beginning, supply better service to the customers and make more successful achievements. In the fair, UBC Company mainly made achievements on 4 aspects: 1. Communicated with about 20 former and new wind power customers and promote the brand to them and had good effect; 2. Knew some new wind power customers, such as generator plant and component customers, etc. in which 50 customers are from China and takes up 5/7 in the total Chinese wind power customers; 10 customers are from abroad, including some countries in Europe, some enterprises from Korean, and some from India; 3. Many components plant has deep impression on UBC products of high speed bearings and expressed their willingness to cooperate; 4. Negotiate with the global wind power components traders, and they are willing to be the agents of UBC-APB products.