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Two Technological Achievements Of Jack Machine Tools Passed New Product Appraisal

Release time : 2015-06-11 12:39:57
On Dec. 22nd, the reporter learned from the technological achievements appraisal meeting of two projects including Precision Abnormal Composite Surface Follow up CNC Grinding Mill that the JKM8320 super-high speed bearings CBN follow up CNC grinding mill and JKM8330 large size precision abnormal composite surface follow up CBCC grinding mill developed independently by Jiangxi Jack Machine Tools Co., Ltd have passed the new product appraisal. The technology is at the international advanced level. Zhou Qinzhi, the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zuo jisheng, Liu Zonghua, and Wang Xianhou, the leaders of the city were present at the meeting and express their congratulation. The appraisal committee has oppugned the two achievements sufficiently through learning the trial manufacturing report and inspection on the spot and after discussion, the experts thought these two new products have employed the hardened stainless steel bearings and the super-high speed grinding process, CBN grinding wheel and developed and applied the locus tracking follow up grinding process and the related software, established the non-circularity figure mathematical model, achieved the composite grinding of circularity figure and non-circularity figure, solved the problem on the process of abnormal components such as non-circularity figure; the company developed the hydrostatic dynamic ball bearings high frequency high speed electric spindle unit, linear motor & cylindrical hydrostatic guiding rail guide rail combination precision feed system, and super-high speed built-in dynamic balance grinding device independently. The sample mill was confirmed that its manufacturing precision and processing precision all accorded with the related national standard after the detection of provincial machinery products quality supervision and detection station.