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Treotham Supply Xiros Polymer Ball Bearings From Igus Pic

Release time : 2015-06-11 12:46:19
Treotham supply xiros polymer ball bearings from igus, which are designed for constant lubricant-free dry running. The inner and outer rings of the xiros bearings from igus are manufactured in two material variants, along with a number of additional dimensions that are available. < http://www.bearing.com.cn/direc/myimg/081010.ad.bmp Variant one are dry-running polymer ball bearings for high-temperature range and have resistant up to 150??C, which have been developed in terms of wear resistance. The areas of application include anti-magnetic and highly corrosion-resistant open systems including applications such as medicine, chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical and biotechnology as well as in plant engineering. Variant two are maintenance-free polymer ball bearings for broader application areas in the normal temperature range, which are made of special plastic. To ensure quality and exact application, igus carries out over 8000 tests in the igus development laboratory. The tests focus on wear, friction value and drive forces required under a wide range of load and speed collectives as well as checking environmental conditions that include temperature, media, soiling, impact and blows. The features and benefits of the polymer ball bearings include: Corrosion resistant Chemical resistant Self-lubricating (no lubricant required) Lightweight (80% less than steel) High temperature usage Low coefficient of friction Quiet running Good damping properties Electrical insulator Low lifecycle costs