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Treotham Supply Igus Iglidur Plastic Plain Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-11 12:47:18
The igus iglidur plastic plain bearings from Treotham Trading do not require oil or grease. They are lubricant-free, so that contaminants do not escape into the environment. Treotham Trading supply alternatives from igus, in line with environmental considerations for applications that work with lubricated metallic plain and rolling bearings. The energy from 15 litres of oil is necessary to produce 1 litre of aluminium and 1 litre of steel requires 11 litres of oil. The production of 1 litre of plastic needs only an average of 1.8 litres of oil. The solid lubricants make the iglidur polymer plain bearings ecologically valuable. The light in weight bearings also help to reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide output in vehicles and aircrafts. The reduced weight leads to lower masses and subsequently to lower energy consumption. The high chemical resistance of plastic bearings is another positive ecological aspect, because metals are often coated with zinc, treatment and galvanising baths. The iglidur polymer bearings deliver the following benefits: * Whole system cost reductions * Increased functionality and process integration * No requirement for lubrication * Corrosion and chemical resistance * Exceptional wear rates * Reduced weight and inertia * Anti-static properties * Low friction * Low or no maintenance * No risk of contamination