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Tips Choosing Stainless Steel Bearing

Release time : 2016-05-20 15:17:35

We can provide 300&400 series stainless steel bearing for different application which require rust-resistance or non-magnetic.

One customer need SS6901ZZ bearing used in hydraulic swim-platform, it will be used in sliding cradle arrangement which do not have precision requirements but need rust-resistance and handle some load. Precision, speed, working temperature is not a problem.

Due to low requirements on bearing precision and high requirements on rust-resistance and corrosion resistance, we recommend 316L stainless steel bearing which can totally meet with the requirements.

For common 400 series stainless steel bearing have rust-resistance and corrosion resistance properties and high precision, but for 300 series stainless steel due to soft compared to chrome steel and 400 series stainless steel bearing, it can not have high precision but better rust-resistance and corrosion resistance. Please tell us the specific requirements so we can get back to you with most suitable material.