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Features Clear, Lightand Small Thin Wall Bearing

Release time : 2017-06-30 03:21:30
Now the competition in the international market competition for the product weight, volume and money on the reduction is essential things. Each component needs to be carefully studied by the designer to achieve the above objectives, so the demand for thin-walled bearings is increased. The role of thin-walled bearings is to ensure high rigidity, at the same time, its rings and rolling body is the best combination selected to reduce the weight and volume. So designers are constantly turning to use these bearings, so it is convenient to minimize the size of the rotating joint and to control the size. Thin-walled bearings and ordinary bearings in different places is: ordinary bearing cross-section are followed by the inner diameter, if the inner diameter corresponding bystreet surface will increase, the carrying capacity of the bearing, so it is with life and mechanical size requirements. Manufacturing thin-walled bearings require special technology, which is bound to be higher than the average bearing price, because the thin-walled bearing inner and outer ring is very thin and thin, the need for precision lathe processing and grinding processing, so as to achieve tolerance The request. But the consequences of doing so is the cost is too high, so this greatly limits the scope of the bearing. Thin-walled bearings can be used in mechanical equipment, such as robots, turntable, hydraulic transmission and so on. Thin-walled bearings can range from 1 to 40 inches, in deep groove ball bearings, angular contact bearings and four point contact ball bearings with 8 different cross-sections, which can have a wide load range. The internal clearance of a thin-walled bearing is that when a thin-walled bearing is mounted on a standard bearing, the thin-walled bearing can be made into a clearance or a clearance. When the system rigidity and position accuracy requirements are relatively high, the preload is a priority. Like ordinary bearings, thin-walled bearings are also produced using a larger ball to achieve the load.