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Thin Section Bearingsin to the Artificial Intelligence, U A V Also Relyon It to Fly

Release time : 2017-09-15 01:42:28
Now UAV has entered the public's vision, no longer that mysterious thing was hidden. General unmanned aerial vehicles can be divided into military unmanned aerial vehicles and civilian unmanned aerial vehicles, such as some agriculture, aerial photography, fast transport, observation of wild animals, etc., a large part of the use of UAVs to do this kind of thing. UAV's entire production is a very high technological content of a thing, its core part of the engine or unmanned engine, only the engine to maintain a stable performance and operation, then UAV next to no matter what is the work, there are What behavior will be very smooth to complete. UAV engines will also need the bearing above. UAV is also a very important part of the UAV can watch the bearing for a long time to bear the bearing capacity. The bearings used on unmanned motor motors are usually thin-walled bearings. Thin-walled bearings include open, metal-enclosed and rubber-sealed. The size of these bearings include the British series and metric series, the main material of thin-walled bearings can be divided into bearing steel and stainless steel, stainless steel thin-walled bearings have very good anti-rust and anti-corrosion. The application of thin-walled bearings is also very extensive, robots, medical equipment, office equipment, testing equipment, deceleration, transmission, optical, imaging equipment and so on. Thin-walled bearings also have the product design of small, lightweight features. UAV thin-walled bearings are mainly used in the engine crankshaft and connecting rod where the motor bearing in the course of the use of the gradual wear and tear until the final loss of the ability to work, and then the end of life, such natural damage is inevitable. But if the engine is improperly adjusted, when the assembly is not standardized to install, the quality and quality of the lubricants is not well controlled, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in a very difficult environment for a long time, these factors will be reduced The function of the thin-walled bearing leads to direct damage. So thin-walled bearings in the use of UAV is also very attention.