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Thin Section Bearings 20161009

Release time : 2016-10-09 13:55:09

As the international market competition becomes more and more intense, it has already been an urgent thing to lose weight, reduce volume and reduce the cost of the production. The premise for designing each component is based on the above-mentioned requirements, and the caused result is to make demands of the light and thin bearing increasing.

The thin section bearing is under the premise which guarantees system with high rigidity, its rings and rolling are the best combination which to reduce the volume and weight. Therefore, the designers constantly move closer to the direction of using this kind bearing, make the size of rotation link to minimize easier and control the product size.

How many characters does the thin section bearing have?

The size of the thin section bearing is completely different from general bearing. The size of general bearing Issued by the international organization for standardization has already wildly adopted by all manufacturers. Cross section of general bearing increases as its diameter increasing, the bearing‘s capacity, using time and mechanical dimensions of power demand are also like this. General bearing formed a series of S & P’s decision by the dimensions.

The standard bearing series is set by the proportion of cross section and aperture, but the thin section bearing don’t comply with this standard, and on the contrary, the cross section of thin section bearing stays the same within a series of size range, the constant cross section limits the using scope of thin section bearing’s size and power. But as the diameter bigger, it can also save more volume and weight.

So what are the purposes of thin section bearing?

The thin section bearing suits for the occasion of tube and hollow shaft, not only because of its light weight, but also the designs of small movement quality and high system rigidity. The rigidity of thin section bearing is higher than general bearing, because in the same diameter, the thin section bearing has more small roller. The system rigidity also gains further improve by reducing internal clearance or applying the loading. Because making thin section bearing needs very special technology, it must make its price higher than general bearing. So such high cost limits the use range of bearing. The thin section bearing can be used in mechanical equipment such as robots, rotary table, machining center tools, hydraulic transmission device, electronic, such as optics and optical equipment, testing equipment and scanning equipment, medical equipment and CT scans.