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Thermoplastic Housings Feature Stainless Steel Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-12 10:06:39
Thermoplastic housings with stainless bearings are just one of the new products featured in Rino Industries latest 848 page mechanical drive components' catalogue. This product has been added to the bearings range already offered by the precision engineered component's specialist, in order to further enhance the range on offer. The pillow block is made from a high quality, high-grade glass-filled thermoplastic polyester which is white in colour. The grease nipples and bearing are both stainless steel and the grease is food grade as standard making it ideal for those hygienic and clean-room environments. They are resistant to chemicals with an easily cleaned smooth surface and no coating or plating to crack or chip. It is made to suit shaft sizes 12mm to 35mm and is one of eight housing types available. Also available with economy insert bearings where required, just ask sales for a quote on price and availability.