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The Spyraflo Fsp 12m Self Clinching Self Aligning Teflon Bronze Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-12 10:08:55
The Spyraflo FSP-12M self-clinching self-aligning Teflon-bronze bearing is impervious to dirt and dust, and so can operate successfully in challenging environments. A world leader in the development of technically advanced automated systems for recovering and recycling beverage containers uses technology, known as "reverse vending" invented by the company founder Now sold worldwide the containers are accepted back directly from the consumer, accounting for each one processed and refunding the deposit to the consumer. One of the many challenges facing the designers of the reprocessing machine was that in almost all the returned containers there would be residue of the original contents still present, making the crushing a tough prospect. Initially the company designers used UHMW block bearings but after only a few weeks the bearings had become caked in miscellaneous liquid and debris, penetrating the bearing, accelerating wear and resulting in frequent field service trips to replace them. The process needed to be maintenance free, able to operate in a wide ambient temperature range -30 to +45C and in addition to all that, they had to be resilient to dirt, dust and assorted liquids. They researched the market to find a suitable alternative to replace the UHMW bearing and settled on the Spyraflo FSP-12M self-clinching self-aligning Teflon-bronze bearing. This rugged bearing is impervious to dirt and dust therefore was able to operate successfully in the challenging environment. In addition to virtually eliminating expensive service callouts, the engineers gained extra benefits as a result of this bearing change. They also made unexpected but considerable cost savings as they were able to permanently mount the bearings into the sheet steel chassis so saving on parts and machining. Furthermore they found assembly time was dramatically reduced as the Spyraflo self-align bearings accommodate misalignment of the mounting holes. This enterprising is profitable for the company whilst being an important element in the drive to recycle products. Micromech is the UK and Ireland distributor for these bearings