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The Skf Advanced Tmti 2 Thermal Imager

Release time : 2015-06-12 09:17:38
SKF Maintenance Products Division recently launched the new advanced SKF TMTI 2 thermal imager which produces high resolution images from invisible infrared radiation, utilised for identifying potential problems caused by overheating. Thermal imaging is a well known and accepted technique to monitor the condition of mechanical and electrical machinery. Virtually every mechanical or electrical process exhibits changes in thermal energy levels and a thermal imager can detect these thermal energy changes by measuring the infrared radiation from the surface of the body. The thermal imager can identify hot spots and cold spots that can then be used to assist with decisions regarding machinery and equipment maintenance. The TMTI 2 advanced thermal imager from SKF is user-friendly and provides high resolution (160 x 120 /19200 pixels) images that are displayed on a large backlit 3.1/2" screen, for ease of viewing. Powerful PC and report-writing software is standard, and enables the user to perform comprehensive data analysis and image enhancement. Advanced temperature measurement features such as automatic hot spot and cold spot finder, Max/Min temperature area view and temperature difference display of two user defined spots are built-in into the SKF TMTI 2. Suitable for diverse industrial environments, the TMTI 2 is supplied in a heavy duty case and comes complete with software, rechargeable battery, battery charger, and a SD memory card for image storage.