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The Quenching Of Pushi Ningjiang Large Size Machine Tool Guideway Succeeded

Release time : 2015-06-12 09:19:02
Recently, Sichuan Pushi Ningjiang Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. has passed the technological transformation of heat treatment equipment and has carried out an experimental quenching to a large size carrier guideway of a set of undercarriage CNC deep hole drilling machine tool which is 4 meters long and 8 tons heavy. After detection, the rigidity and the hardening layer of the quenched guideway all met the requirement of design, which achieved the important breakthrough that the company cannot quench the large size ball bearings and guideway since it has been established 45 years ago. For a long term, the quenching of machine tool guideway has been the technological difficulty in the heat treatment process. The uneven heating, the fluctuation of temperature and the cooling speed are possible influence the rigidity and deformation of the guideway, and even cause the melting and crazing. Especially for the large size guideway, the quenching is even more difficult during the heat treatment industry; it has much more risks. However, the machine tool guideway and stainless steel bearings require higher rigidity, good wear-resistance and fatigue strength because of its application characteristics. Then the quenching treatment is required. Before the success of quenching this time, guideway of the large size machine tool of the company were manufactured by other companies, quenching with laser or electric spark, which would cost tens of thousands Yuan for each large machine tool guideway.