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The Preparation Work And Notes In The Installation Process Of Miniature Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-10 08:08:59
1, The Storage of Bearing There is almost antirust agent on the surface of Miniature Bearing, kept under indoor temperature, its relative mixed degree is below 60%. 2, The Preparation Work before Installation In case of pollution, please do not unpack bearing package before installation. Especially for Miniature Bearing, kept clean as small particles may cause a big influence. So before installing, keep all installation tool ,shaft , bearing block clean, in the mean time, check the roughness of shaft and bearing block's joint face, to make sure it in the allowed range of tolerance. 3, The Instruction of Bearing's Installation 1) We should choose a no-dust and corrosive-gas environment when installing bearings, to ensure bearings clean and their accuracy, keep from foreign matter coming into the bearings to hurt bearings surface. 2) When installing all machine parts, according to the drawings, we should check whether the relevant size accuracy matches demand, the fitting surface must be clean washed, specially there are no metal chips on it, no blind hole in the inner bearing. 3) For the shrink fit bearings, suggest to preheat bearings to make their inner bore expanded before installation, to reduce the harm to bearings. Based on our information customers feedback and production experience, interference fitted bearings' inner reduced clearance is 55%-75% of magnitude of interference, it is mainly because different material couple lead to the discrepancy, high-density-material bearing's shrinkage is big, otherwise it is smaller. 4) When installing bearing or outer shell, be careful not let the balls and ring rolling surface in the bearing focuses get hurt by the external force.