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The Precise Manufacturing Project Phase I Of Bh Bearing Company Finished

Release time : 2015-06-12 09:19:31
Recently, the precise manufacturing project phase I of Zhejiang Bahuan Bearing Co.,Ltd was finished after five month???s execution. Under the stress and support of the leaders of the group, assistance of the experts in the consulting company and the active participation and practice of the staff, the arrangement of the product line has been successfully finished in the precise manufacturing project phase I. The logistics in the testing workshop has been greatly improved. The quantity of work in process (WIP) is lessened. The manufacturing period is shortened and the periodic aim is achieved. According to the whole solution, the workshop has cancelled the traditional WIP warehouse in July and has established shop. It adopted the supplement management models and brought forward the requirement on the WIP quantity. During the execution of the project, the layout of the components cleaning and tests before shipment has been adjusted, which transfer the ferrules to the outlook detecting platform and prevent the contamination transfer between the cleaning room and the detecting place. Through the adjustment of procedures, the original procedure cluster production was transferred into one stream production. In order to improve the work efficiency of the employees, the workshop adopts the calling system. When there is something abnormal, the machine tool operators don???t need to leave the production line, but press the related button of the calling system directly, and the related principal will come to the spot at the first time. Meanwhile, the workshop adopts the mating policy for the materials on the production line, and two full-time persons are arranged for mating. In order to solve the problems on the manual selection assembly??s reliability on the employee???s skills and the slashing and bumping breakage, the project team adopts semi-auto assembly machine in the workshop, which is also called mandarin assembly machine. At present, there is one product line fixedly use it. The project team carries out the standardized process in the workshop, and revises the process guiding book for the auto production line and manual production line. Each production line is provided with dynamic ratio management board, real time plan quantity, real time practically finished quantity and real time dynamic ratio. Also they carries out the daily process newspaper, records the output of each shift, the halting time, the halting project and the condition of quality and collect all these data on the dynamic ratio management table. They analyze the factors which influence the dynamic ratio every month, constitute improving measures, and gradually improve the dynamic ration of the production line. Inside the workshop, they establish the practice field for precise manufacturing, in which the related management board is provided, and there is table and chairs for the employees to take a rest. In order to continuously and effectively boost the precise manufacturing model, as one of the eight measures of the company in the latter half of 2009, the precise manufacturing project phase II is during the scheme.